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alright murricans we are invading the event who is coming from where and when so we know when to group up? also reminder to bring a hamburger filled suitcase.

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you know where hamburgers come from right?


i'll likely be flying out of toronto and connecting in nyc (probably at jfk) but still haven't booked my flight. if we can coordinate something that'd be cool because i can't navigate that well.


For Americans who are flying into Stockholm on Friday the 26th, I will be there sometime around 11am-12pm and can help take you guys the rest of the way. If you want to have a quick tour of Stockholm I can do that too (provided you aren't too tired).

I'll post my travel stuff when it's sorted if anyone wants to sync up.


I'll travel from Stockholm to Skövde on friday the 26th (time not set yet).
If anyone want company let me know.

As a native Stockholmer I think I might be able to provide with some delightful insight on the tour!

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im flying out of jfk to amsterdam to gothemburg rip I apparently should have gone to stockholm it seems


I'm booking flights now and I wanted to clarify - I want to fly into Stockholm Arlanda, not Skavsta, in order to meet up with you two?


Yeah, nobody would rea~lly want to fly to Skavsta unless they live there or have a car … and the number of airlines going there is rea~lly limited, so if someone says 'Stockholm' you can safely assume it to be ARN (Arlanda).


Thanks for clarifying. I'll have my flight info soon and hopefully it'll coordinate with some schedules.


I'll be traking the train from Stockholm C - Skövde at 12:22 on Friday 26/6-15 if that fits into anyone's schedule


My plane is scheduled to land at 12:40pm, hopefully I can make a 1:40 train


While it takes 20 minutes to get to the central station on the Arlanda express, I think just leaving one hour from arrival to when your train departs might be cutting it a bit too tight. If you haven't booked your train yet, I'd consider getting a later one to Skovde.

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agreed with tdawg give yourself some buffer lurk getting the hell out of the airport and possible delays could screw you lol