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Ask here to commentate or be commentated!

Try to make arrangements with the runner because his/her run = his/her playground!
Couch room is limited so if a runner doesn't want you there, please respect that.

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I already ask the crew personally, but I would like Toothache42 to comment my run of Alisia Dragoon on Skype. He runs the game too and made the TAS of it.



Couch room is limited so if a runner doesn't want you there, please respect that.

How limited?

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I could do some commentary on Harry Potter CoS/PoA if necessary.
I don't personally run CoS much but I know all the skips/tricks

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If runners are willing I could commentate parts of GTA: Vice City 100% and parts of Adam's portion of the Age of Empires IL Showcase.

For my Vice City any% run, I'd like to commentate the whole thing mostly on my own, but it would be ok for Fatzke/Tyr/S/Eidgod/Adam/anyone else who knows what they're watching to chime in occasionally if I'm not saying anything.

As for Age of Empires, it'd be totally fine for Onin or Adam to co-commentate the ILs if I'm not saying anything during a long IL or something.


I'm putting my hand up for FFIX … wait I said that before xD
Dunno about the rest.


So I guess if exe wants, I'll commentate in both his God of War 1 and 2. I know his girlfriend may also commentate, but definitely as a runner of 1, and having knowledge of 2's speedrun, I might be in there too.

I'll give exe some info about my Chains of Olympus run so he can commentate. I can commentate most of it but it'll be great to have someone help.

As for my BioShock 2 run, I can commentate everything, but I will give some info to some of the crash bandicoot guys, or even exe, I guess maybe some of them will be in my couch.


I will have exe and carrydsupra, as well as dkr_paddy on the couch (if he shows up at the marathon ^^). I will also try to commentate exes GoW 2 run, I'm still doing some research about the game for this.

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I will have BetaM and PeteThePlayer on the couch for my Crash Twinsanity run. I can also help commentating every other Crash game in the marathon :^)

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CarryDSupra + SerSanju on the Couch for GoW1
" + " + Andypanther for GoW 2

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I don't know if you want everyone who are going to commentate on a run to write it here even if we have already discussed between the runners but I will help out with The Wind Waker commentary on Demoon9's run. Makes it easier for you to have mics ready if anything at least. 🙂


The following people will help me commentate VC 100%:
- Pac
- Anyone else that wants and can prove to me they know enough about VC
I intend on doing most of the commentary myself, but I need a break at some point to give my voice and mind some rest (I'm not too good at talking). My commentators will know when this is.

The following person will be my cupbearer during VC 100%:
- Elgu.
I have discussed any important matters with him already.

The following people will be my cupbearer's assistant during VC 100%:
- Eidgod

I do not wish for the following people to sit close to me during my VC 100% run:
- People who talk too much
- People who smell
- People whose face I don't instantly recognize

The following people will help me commentate HL2EP2:
- Elgu
- Anyone else that wants and can prove to me they know enough about Source Engine

I do not have a need for a cupbearer during HL2EP2.


So I actually don't know if there will be anyone interested/involved in Star Fox 64 speedrunning at ESA but if there are I would love to have someone in the couch with me. If you are not that involved in the speedrunning of the game but want to be involved, feel free to join anyways and ask questions during the game that I can answer.


I'm planning to commentate on Age of Empires, and Ori and the Blind Forest, if it all works out.

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Pottoww, I'm not a Starfox runner, but I'm very interested in the game both for speedruns and scoring. I have a decent knowledge about the game, but again, not a runner. So if you don't find anyone else, I'd be up for it ^^


bit of a long shot, but if there's anyone out there who follows metroid zero mission and is knowledgeable about the run, have a word with me, dragonfangs, or eagle about sitting on the couch during our race.


Andypanther: You got it, I can have 2 (maybe 3) people in the couch so I can definitely take you in. I can also talk to other people when I arrive at ESA to fill the couch! But I'll take you in officially as a help-commentator right now, thank you!


If there's anyone who has played Timesplitters: Future Perfect and is curious about the run they're free to join me on the couch.


What's the commentary/couch setup like for PC runs this year? As in, how many people will we be able to have sensibly around the screen for commentary etc.

Also, for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, I should be able to cover commentary mostly on my own, Dizzy has already offered to help out, but also if someone else wants to be on the couch for it, or even learn a bit of the run then that's fine with me. Just let me know before or at the event so we can sort it out.


I think Pete will help me commentate on my Crash 3 any% run 🙂