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So, the mystery tournament will start soon; please post in this thread if you are interested in participating (or use one of the sign-up sheets I've posted at the venue). Let me know if you want to enter the Mystery Races, the Mystery vs. tournament, or both, and whether there are any days you won't be able to take part (I intend to start the tournaments on Monday). I will do my best to accommodate any scheduling difficulties.

For more information on the actual tournaments, or if you want to submit games (completely optional) please see this thread:

Good luck!


Given that I won last year's mystery tournament, I can't very well not enter both of these, can I

I have my only game on the schedule on 05:25 Monday morning, so other than that, I should be fine.


I'm interested! Have one run tomorrow Sunday at around 3 am and my second one next Sunday at around 3 am 😛


Signing up for both, unavailable between 0200 and 0630 on Wednesday the 1st, depending on tourney length and personal success it might clash with street fighter tourney planned Fridayish


I'd like to sign up 🙂


Signing up


Im signing up:


Duckfist (not avaiable wensday while running)


I am signing up. This will be amazing! 🙂


I'm up for it too!


Last call guys, I'm compiling the list now. Also I'm taking game suggestions and goals for either tournament if you want to bring them too me. I'm currently on one of the couches in the main room with my laptop.


I would like to join if it's not too late. If it is, have fun guys 😃


Qualifiers are now underway! If you haven't already, please head to the two megadrives set up in the outer ring of the marathon area and submit your times! By the megadrives will be my laptop and some paper to note your times.


Rules: Reset the console, name your rider in the game options if you wish, then race each of the five tracks (Alaska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Vermont, Colorado) in any order, noting down your game time in each case.

B – Accelerate
A – Brake
C – Punch (can take out your enemy riders or steal their weapon; however this probably won’t improve your time. You cannot punch cops)

Hints: If you earn enough money, you will be able to upgrade your bike in the bike shop, which can help in the final races.

After the race you are given a time to 1dp, write this down (if you have a witness) or take a picture.
If you get Busted or Wasted then have another go on the same track.