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Shoutouts to everyone who tried mafia for the first time. If I was a dick to you in-game, I meant it lovingly.

Shoutouts to the people who modded mafia games when they could have been playing them.

Shoutouts to Grukk for fixing the ZM race even while I was yelling at him. I owe you one dude.

Shoutouts to everyone who took part in the MtG sealed, which ran very smoothly (apart from the unfortunate clash with bowling).

Shoutouts to the metroid crew. Small in number, but great in heart. I hope it grows for next year!

Shoutouts to jinny, etholon, and MLSTRM for showing an interest in learning ZM. You'd better stick with it.

Shoutouts to ricky for fakeclaiming cop for no reason and it somehow not being awful.

Everyone that I got to hang out with was excellent. For everyone I didn't get to hang out with, there's next year!

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I want to thank everyone every runner for having patience with us in tech and still do amazing runs. Sorry for a few delays, but we do what we can.

Shoutouts to Planks that I had the pleasure to work a lot with that week. You probably already know it but it is something that can be said plenty of times, "You are cool and great at what you do".

More shoutouts to my fellow techies. See you next mission?

Thanks to Edenal for the super awesome control panel. What would we have done without it?

Thanks to Niss3 for ESAGame. Shame on anyone that did not even try it.

Is there no end to this? NO!

Thanks to Grukk for overall assistance, being a friend and inviting me to the lake.

And finally(?) thanks to Baffan. Your presence brought at least me smiles during the week.

And to anyone that feels left out, sorry.
You are probably awesome, but I can't remember your name right now or I am just not aware of how much you deserve it.

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Shoutouts to ricky for fakeclaiming cop for no reason and it somehow not being awful.

That play was WAY too strong.


- Pjoxt or whoever it was that brought and was responsible for the sandwich iron

All me

I'll edit this with actual shoutouts later

  [user deleted]

Shoutouts to SRG crew.

Shoutouts to living in a country where I can buy guns out of a trunk.

Shoutouts to McDonalds 10 krona cheeseburgers and sundaes

Shoutouts to the bad shia meme

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Might aswell give some shoutouts aswell

Shoutouts to the planning crew for providing a fantastic event:
Flicky, Bangerra, Crippe and Niss3
Didn't mention everyone seeing as some people are coming up in later shoutouts.
Great event you guys, let's make ESA16 even better.

Shoutouts to my fellow senior techs for being awesome:
AMVX, Planks, Edenal, Grukk and Oasiz.
You're all fantastic people.

Shoutouts to anyone on the tech crew (specially those who did tech with me and Grukk):
Was a pleasure working with you.

Shoutouts to the SMS crew for being awesome/playing awesome games:
Rasmus, Btrim, Robo, Adam and the occasional SMS guys Sam & Max.
You guys are fantastic aswell! And you clearly have superior taste in video games. Stay classy.

Shoutouts to the NES guys for providing a great hangout time:
BB, Cartina, Duckfist, Nudua, Primal, Dxtr, Coolkid, Richie, Pro_JN, Joka and Spiriax.
Nice to make new friends. You were all #ReallyCool despite your taste in the wrong 8-bit.

Shoutout to hosts for being fun people:
Pac, Alko, Tompa, Jinny, Heinki and anyone I might've forgotten.

Shoutouts to anyone I had a nice chat with or did something else with:
Acarebox, Ellajaz, Grokken, the N64 guys, Meridian and once again anyone I've forgotten.

And lastly special shoutouts to Edenal for the Roadtrips, wouldnt travel in any other way.

If you spent time with me and I didn't mention you, don't worry I don't hate you.
I simply forgot!

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