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You loved ESA and want to talk about it? Use this thread to shout out to everybody who was great! (Or not so great ¤coughSwedishrailwayssurprisinglycough¤)

I'll do my own shoutouts once I think about it, I just wanted to start this thread for you guys 😉

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It's eidgod. It's always eidgod.

I loved this ESA it so much, but my real message is gonna take me days to write. But thanks for this thread, Alko! ❤️

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First of all, to the organisers and locals that made it happen.

Crippe, Niss3, Edenal, Grukk, Oasiz, Bang, Flicky, Joka - and all of the other little local helpers. Thank you. You made the event, you busted your asses to make it work, and I think the overall response and feedback has been extremely postive. The main channel went from ~9k followers to ~44k followers, so that shows that there was a big pickup over the week, with over 24k raised. Fantastic result considering how non-heavy the donation drive gets pushed. I know it was very rough for many of you this year, and I cannot express my gratitude for all of it, and knowing you all. Thank you very much, to you all for your hard work.

Tompa & Alko - working hosting and donation the whole event, fielding questions and making sure everyone was welcome. You troopers are the exact people that are wonderful to have around, no matter the weather outside, or the vibe inside. Not to mention those massages, Tompa!

Maxie, Planks, Cerberus, Baffan, Zoton, Gray, Zastbat, Tyr - anyone that helped out with tech! It was really nice to have you guys around me and supporting and it was really nice that everyone always worked as a team, and there was never any dragging of feet or complaining. You're all wonderful people. Thank you.



GTA crew - even though some of you were missing, you all know who you are. It was great to be welcomed back so openly (despite never properly running a GTA game) by you all, and getting to spend more time with you guys. It was a lot of fun.

The Kids - Drast, Chris, Noizeeh, ThiefBug, Stelzig, Airmo, Ricky, Fuzzy, Flippy, Ursi, Fluff, Pottow - trying to remember who I have forgotton - you're all so much fun all the time. Stupidly awesome and a great buzz. The type of people I see sitting in a hallway at 4am in the morning when I walk into the hotel, smashed off your heads type deal. Legends.

Now this is the part where I name half the attendees because you all were great people to me. But to keep it short, so long as you talked to me, I would list your name here. From Heinki & Pen, Jinny, Exe, Maja, DarkDevastation, MLSTRM, Therio, Naegleria, Frozer, Maral, Duckfist, Meridian, CursedDolls, Kotti, Noobest, DhrGR, Elhu, Nikneim, DXTR, Mobiusman - look you know you if fit in to this extremely large bracket - you're all amazing people, and thank you for anyone that spent time with me, making it enjoyable. It was a blast spending time with you all. You're all mates to me.

Robo, Pac, Nord, Steve, Grig, Glitches & Stuff, Rueake - special shout outs to you guys for even going a little further than many others did. Thank you.

All the attendees - this is what made the event great. Thank you all for being there. From the people I have met before and spent time with, to the newer comers that I didn't get much beyond two sentances to talk to you. Next time. Because we both need to get back! I really enjoyed spending time with you.

To the mods in chat, including CBenni and SirStendec, thank you all for your hard work on the front lines. You all did a fantastic job, worked together as a team and were excellent in calling out issues from the final production. Special shoutouts to my daughter, Melis. Very sad she couldn't get a Visa, but next time!

To the non-cleaners, food wasters, and people that disappear when there was work to do: go ¤¤¤¤ yourselves and don't come back.

Also, don't lynch me, I'm the cop.

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Everyone who attended deserves recognition.

Also, I am not the troll, even though I raised my hand for all the lynchings. Maral is doing the same, it's definitely her.

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I had an amazing time this year and already cannot wait for next year!

I will forget a lot of people in this but let's go for it anyway:

Flicky, Edenal, Grukk, AMVX, Oasiz, Niss3, Crippe, Bang, Joka, Alko, Tompa, Planks and everyone else involved in running the event, you guys did a fantastic job.

To all those who entered (or attempted to enter) my mystery tournaments, sorry about the lack of organization but thanks very much for joining in and putting up with my shit. Special shoutouts to Primal85 and Carska who won the races and vs. tournaments respectively, and also to Bangerra, Rueake, Goost and Chucat for helping make sure they actually happened!

To the guys on the poverty bonus stream (the real one, not those fake-ass pretenders), thanks for making the journey home so much more enjoyable.

Tompa: Munchkin games did happen but I very much regret that we didn't get to play together! Next time...

Flicky: You got me a couple of times but I had a lot of fun playing our little game, even when you recruited Oasiz to do your dirty work for you. Eventually I will have an ESA run that doesn't get mercy-killed or run over estimate, you'll see!

AMVX: Thank you for trying to make Arkham Knight happen, and for saving the SWAT4 run, and for just being awesome in general.

Bangerra: I have one of your Myth Makers games, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not... Thanks for lending me your PS3 for the Mystery PS1 tournament!

Fatzke: There were so many questions I didn't get to ask about your moustache!

Naegleria and LLCoolDave: Thanks for opening my eyes to the magic that was Chess 3.0 - we should totally submit that to the stream next year! I will also help you find a counter to Zerg army that doesn't involve more nerfing 🙂

Nami: Thanks for being brave and sitting on host station, hope you enjoyed it!

Alko: Hosting partner in crime! Your ability to ask questions nearly as fast as I could answer them came in very handy 🙂 same again next year? Thanks for the water in Asylum. Also, if you want more of that tea then you can go to Kusmi, there's a shop in Berlin near the zoo!

Shrimp: But where is the Buckfast? I love you anyway, try not to get too worked up if Adam is more charming than you. Hope you enjoyed the whisky 🙂

Oasiz: Here's to more C64 and Amiga wonderfulness next year!

SMS Crew (Rasmus, Btrim, Pogington, Maxie, Fingers, Adam, probably someone else I'm forgetting): Taking over one of the rooms for SMS everdrive goodness was a great idea! How about an 8-way Ys race next year?

Guys: You've got 2 minutes left now. Either lynch someone or go to sleep!

I need to get back to work now. I'll finish writing this later.

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I wrote a special pastebin for that so here it is:

Love everyone who I met there and hope to come back next year ❤️

I'd like to lynch Cereth for being too suspicious and not voting for Eidgod that last time OpieOP

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Of course major thanks to all the organizers and everyone else who made this possible. I'm going to keep the personal shoutouts to a short list and not mention any of the FF people I already talk to on a regular basis, because those guys should already know I love them. Instead I want to give appreciation to some of the great people I didn't (or hardly) know beforehand.

Dizzy, for letting me experience the true terribleness of Chocobo Hot & Cold and for the solid competition in the Kynos% ice cream boat challenge. I look forward to our rematch.

The entire "fighting game room" crew, for continuously encouraging me despite my obvious lack of skill to "PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS!"

RoboSparkle, not only for being a very classy and funny individual, but of course for his incredible enthusiasm in teaching us the Cleyra dance. It's something I was initially slightly apprehensive about, but when I talked to you, you jumped on it with such ferver that I couldn't help but love it.

Alko, for being my lovely dance partner (OH! Also shoutouts to Tingle and Jodenstone for being our background dancers, the latter of whom I didn't even realize was there because I was so busy at the time, until someone told me two days ago who we had as the fifth dancer. Oops!) and for filling the void of FF9 cutscenes with commentary so we could focus on mostly just talking about the run. Very much appreciated!

Lastly, DhrGR, who was the first fellow speedrunner I ever saw in the flesh (at Schiphol airport) and who turned out to be a really great guy. More than anyone else I talked to at the event, you just seemed so happy and grateful to be there, and you definitely brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

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I would like to thank everyone for being incredibly nice. Even if some people didn't know me personally, they made sure to tell me that they were sad I couldn't make it to ESA and such. Be it on ESA chat, or randomly passing by during a Skype call I was doing with people there, so many people waved, said hi, told me that they hope to meet me next year. This may be something tiny for most people, but I can't even begin to tell how happy it made me. Thank you all so, SO much.



ESA16 hype!

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I guess my shout out will probably be kinda short cause after all,
this is an event that I share with my friends.

Shout outs to everyone I know..
This list grows for every year hence why no names, you should know by now who you are..

Shout outs to every new(ly) person I met this and last years ESA:
Eidgod, Mobius, Gaël, Planks, AMVX (my sweaty), PAC (my honey),
DhrGR, heinki.

Shout out to my friend who I got to know trough my own stream
that took his time and well earned money to get to our event
Plaguedmind. I hope that you met many awesome people and had a great time
but also that you found it fun enough that you will get back to next years ESA.

Shout out to S, who I this year actually had some extra fun you actually are
a quite nice guy to talk to even if it wasn't the longest conversations.

Shout out to tdawg, you are such a humble and sweet person we had more casual meetup time this
time then last year and I really hope that I will see you again on dreamhack.
I love your Irish accent. ❤️

Shout out to seductivespatula, you are such a sweet and awesome guy I need to meet you
more often.

Oh who am I kidding.. Same goes to all of you.. If I could I would like to be able to meet all of you people as much as possible and finding the event to be over is a very sad moment for me. But next year we will have our time to meet again and hopefully not have it to be over so damn quickly again. 🙂

What I'm looking forward for next year:
+ More time with all of you of course.
+ Going out dancing with partystar, meridian, suzy, amvx, planks and others..
+ #TEAMBOWLING2016, you know this is going to happen next year again
and will be done even better then this year.

- if anything else pops up in my head later on I'll do another post.
Until then.. Thank you all cause every single one of you is very very dear to me.
And having to wait another year to meet you again is a very long, sad and boring time..

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Special shoutouts to:

- Pjoxt or whoever it was that brought and was responsible for the sandwich iron
- Flicky for lending out his hair trimmer
- Shrimp for giving me a beer
- Nikneim for being cool with me fucking up that one mafia game
- Dizzy for marking all my stuff in the fridge after my bag with my name on it was thrown away while I was away
- Bangerra and Chucat for teaching me Addams family, fun game
- Everyone who watched and "enjoyed" my runs on site
- Everyone who asked before borrowing my stuff, or told me when they had moved it
- All my boys and everyone I hung out and enjoyed myself with


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I'm too lazy to remember who I talked to and all, so I just want to shoutout to these people:
If you want a more personalized shoutout, post in this thread.

There were lots of amazing people this year, in fact everyone I talked to was. I literally talked to dozens of people, many of whom I had only met and discovered for the first time this event, so it is likely that I forgot your name (up to the point where I won't even recognize it if it was written in front of me)! My apologies if that is the case 🙁

-Alko: It is always nice to see you, even after 3 years.
-Baffan: Hope your leg feels better yet. We didn't talk much beyond that so I don't have much to say.
-AMVX: ❤️ Seriously, come back next year. You bring good mood with you.
-MHMD_FVC: Nice meeting you. GG on your VC run and thanks for sticking with me for 7 hours!
-RoboSparkle: Dude it's robosparkle, do I need say more?
-Smartkin: I can't remember who you are. If we talked, I am sorry for forgetting 🙁
-Mrzwanzig: ^
-Melis: You weren't there, but I hope I and others were successful in including you and making you feel part of ESA anyway.
-CursedDolls: I read your shoutout and I will say the same to you, it was nice having you there. Also thanks for the bowling event organization!
-JangBang: See Mrzwanzig
-Eidgod: The fact you don't give any shoutouts yourself perfectly describes my ESA experience with you. You were way too busy with your own stuff and had no time to talk to me.
-Lighnat0r: I barely saw you this year 🙁
-Graywords: See JangBang
-Naegleria: I have no idea what to write. You seem like a cool but trolly dude but I haven't played enough mafia games with you to be able to tell properly. It was nice meeting you regardless.
-Pottoww: See Graywords
-PeteThePlayer: You keep spamming me on IRC to write a shoutout, so here's one. Next time be patient
-Lysteria: I liked your hat the first day I met you. Didn't see you wear it ever again later 🙁
-Fatzke: Fatzke
-Mobiusman: See Pottoww

I accuse Maral, Frozer and Shrimp.

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Requesting a more personalized shout out from you S.

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I second eidgod's accusation.

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Ok, let's do it the easy one : Shoutouts to EVERYONE! I panicked quite a lot and I stayed in my own created little laptop safe haven most of the time, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. ESA was a blast!

Ok, now for the more specific shoutouts.

Shoutouts to Oasiz, Edenal and Planks - thanks for coping with my bad english and my doubts in the tech support. Don't you guys worry about the headsets, I got them working (both) so no big deal!

Also more shoutouts to Ari, Pen, Btrim and Beatrix - nice to talk a bit with you guys, sorry if my dumb shyness made me look awkward. I usually AM that awkward, yup.

Special shoutouts to Heinki - You RULE. Nothing else to say, you just RULE.

Shoutouts to anyone who I shared some words with - Tompa, RoboSparkle, Grukk, and probably some more I don't know the names.

I wish I could have been more open about everything, but as I'm still quite newbie in the community, most of times I was quite afraid of disturbing for the runs, or even show in streams, my self-steem and my half-deaf hearing doesn't really help when English is not your main language.

I'll try my best to go to ESA 16. Already looking forward to it!


Shoutouts to:

all the people that taught me to play mafia. Also, I am the cop.

the Chess 3 crew (LLCoolDave, Frozer, E-Dragon, and anyone else that played Chess 3)

the F-Zero crew (E-Dragon, Vallkyr, Mtthew, anyone who played us in multiplayer)

to Jinny for showing me how to get to the venue from the airport, and showing me the magic of Kebab Pizza.

the people that beat Chapter 5 on Very Hard and earned a Cheeseburger. Extra shoutouts to the few that beat Chapter 7 on Very Hard and earned a steak (or food of equivalent price).

Frozer for the Advance Wars matches. We need to get more people in on that shit.

ESA games selection people for letting Killer7 in.

ESA staff for running the most fun event ever.

the people that voluntarily cleaned the kitchen area.

to Monte. Which is very strong.

to Noobest, for teaching me Solitaire any%.

to Pac for making, making the biggest mafia plays, and being a cool dude.

to adam for eating 10 cheeseburgers (ill try to eat 11 next year and top your record).

to Willy's.

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Naegleria is not the cop, he is obviously the mafia. Let's lynch him!

Thank you all for a great event! Putting all names here would be too much work, but all the people I hang out with if only for 10 minutes made this event amazing. See you all next year, hopefully!

Also special shoutouts to Pac, sorry for mocking your mobile WIP, it looked awesome, trust me. 🙂


If I spent time with you at ESA in one way or another, you know you're based. I met so many nigs, can't even say if all of those were real or not.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you know what to do

I am mafia.

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sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I was that russian guy who did Crash Twinsanity dunno why we haven't talked at least once; oh, well maybe next year :^)

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Gonna be hard to do some specific shout-outs but let's try it.

The #gta community first, because I probably wouldn't have gone to ESA to begin with if not for them. You're all a bunch of awesome people (and way too many for me to quote, too scared to miss some of you). Then the Magic crew, especially the last 4 of us (Fatzke, Lighnator & eTholon). We gonna rekt ESA16 with new shitty ~ commander ~ decks. All the techs and hosts for still having time to spare to talk and shit. All the finnish people that went to the boat with me. Sorry for mispronouncing the word "finnish" for the whole event btw! Finally the mafia players.

Plus a lot of individual people I really enjoyed talking and spend some time with. List is not going to be exhaustive because if you start to remember me, you'll know I lack memory, sorry for everyone I forget!
Shoutouts to Robosparkle for being an amazing tea drinker and a cool lad, eidgod the conqueror of brazil, Adam who seems to somehow have enough time to spare to talk to ANYONE in ESA, suzy & bang for being the two first people I met almost every day of the event and helping me wake up nicely, Curseddolls that didn't reject my french accent, Meridian my partner in crime while exploring the swedish population, tyr because tyr, S, even tho we didn't play hide & seek, Fatzke the best german gentleman, oasiz with who I shared some of my memories about old consoles and computers, Mhmd the meme, and all the others. ❤️

Hope to see you guys before ESA16, cause it will be way too much of a wait otherwise.

And if the couple is not dead yet, focus Naegleria, you should get a free mafia kill.

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Here we go, better late than never!

Special shoutouts (in alphabetical order so nobody is favored) to:

ADAM: ADAM. Crazy bastard, nothing more to add. When's MDK?

Alko: For your continous and laughable hate against the superior force that is Upper Franconia.

AMVX: Our quest is now to get Pariah into #ESA16. ❤️ Appreciate it mate.

bang & SoeZee: You're rad.

Edenal: You're the man.

eidgod: For still joining me on the 20+ hour train trips even though you did not get a game into the marathon. And thanks for not creating two bingo goals that you knew I would instantly fail... oh wait.

eTholon: Magic. Boardgames. Pizza. In that order. What would we've done without you living in Skövde? Thanks especially for co-organizing the Sealed tournament and throwing a bunch of your own cards at me while yelling "LET'S MAKE A DECK" multiple times.

flicky: Best other small bearded dude who is also enthusiastic about beer. This time people confused me with you surprisingly often (like twice), which lead to some funny situations. We seriously need to meet up more often. Special thanks for the tasting of precious Estonian beer during the first night.

Gaël: Really cool that you joined us for a post-ESA dinner in Gothenburg and for witnessing that otherworldly experience as I got a FREE beer in a swedish pub.

Lighnat0r: You brought STROOPWAFELS. And you got RECOIL working. MVP?

Literally everybody who signed my birthday card: Dude, nice. Seriously. Thank you all. It'll get a special place.

Lysteria: Thanks for introducing me to good tea and apparently having a pot ready every single time I joined. I will probably still continue to prefer coffee, but it was worth a try. Also had tons of fun learning/talking about/playing Magic.

Maral: Post-ESA dinner in Gothenburg was really cool, glad that somehow happened. Thanks for showing us around the city while continously mentioning hookers and brothels. There's just one thing: you need to get your church trivia on an acceptable level, man.

Mhmd_FVC: Thanks for being a dank memelord and also the 2nd sidekick during S' Triple Bingo run.

Mobiusman: For bringing in the cards that made the Sealed tournament possible. Thanks.

Niss3: ESAGame was a really cool idea. Too bad I was a scrub and not able to finish it. The best part was when I saw the coordinates and went "Oh..that's probably San Marino" before looking them up. Pretty close at least! Also huge props to you and Crippe for dealing with Skövde and making the event happen.

Nord: I hope Recoil and Unreal are pretty soon. Also joined every single board game that was happening.


Pac: Sorry for not actually making it to the lake at least once. I will try to redeem myself next year. Special thanks for organizing the birthday card!

RoboSparkle: Probably the best person to be at the donation station during my Unreal run. Turns out moustache-trashtalk can get you even across the worst hickups and weird map softlocks. Thank you for that. Also for whiskey.

S: Thank you for being S and for letting me and Mhmd be S idekick S during your Bingo run!

The Tech Crew: I could drop a wall of text and it wouldn't suffice the amount of love you all deserve. Massive props for putting in all this work during and also prior to the event. You know who you are, you know what you did. Thanks.

The Americans: Thank you all for making the long trip over the great pond and enhancing the whole event!

tyriounet: But tea is pretty good I guess. And the bingo sheet was really enjoyable. also: Thanks for not creating two bingo goals that you knew I would instantly fail... oh wait.

zwajken: Good fun at the barbeque! Sorry I missed you at first, but thank god for being able to edit posts.

Sorry if I missed anybody. 😱


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