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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

The finances, purchases and economy are mainly handled by Edenal. With the support from ontwoplanks, Grukk, oasiz and AMVX for anything tech related, support from Tdawg with bracelets and support from Crippe and Niss3 for venue and on site purchases.

We’re currently keeping up with our budget and the future looks bright. This thread will periodically be update with new statements.

Update log:
2015-04-27: First post
2015-05-04: ESA PayPal Account / ESA Bank are updated

Links and resources
Consolidated spreadsheet with purchases here
Edenal’s private PayPal account here
ESA’s PayPal account here
ESA’s Bank account here

Uploads from post ESA

What’s those files and link?
Just above you will find bank and PayPal statements.

Why are there private accounts mixed in again?
Long story short. The ESA accounts does not have any funds.

If we would begin the purchasing process in mid May when ESA starts receiving money from the attendance fees, we would not have any buffer in case something goes wrong. The majority of purchases we make have shipping times close to a month.

This is why full PayPal statements are available. From mid May, we will start the transition to the official accounts.

Why are you spending money on this (insert item here)? That purchase seems stupid/unnecessary!
There’s a legit reason for every purchase. Feel free to ask specific questions and we will answer them.

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