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Hello eurogamers! It seems etholon and I are going to be attempting to host a little MtG tournament at ESA. Some of you will remember the one he ran last year, which is basically the same model we'll be following this time around.

The format will be core set sealed, which is very accessible for newer players, while still complicated enough to be fun for us old fogeys. If you don't know what that means, everyone will be given six boosters of "Magic 2015". With this cardpool (and basic land), you will make a 40-card deck. Then battle! That's all there is to it. And of course, at the end you get to keep all the cards. Entry will be 150 sek, which is a pretty fantastic deal for six boosters anyway.

Signing up in advance isn't strictly necessary - I'm hoping people will be able to decide they want to join in on the day. However, I'm making a signup thread for two reasons:

1) Places are limited - we will have enough cards for at most 18 people
2) On the flipside, if we don't get enough entrants, we will not be able to run the event, as we would lose a bunch of money. This wasn't a problem last year, but just in case, I want to gauge interest now.

So, if you want to sling some cards, please post in this thread! The exact date and time have not been decided, but we're pretty flexible, so we should be able to plan around people's schedule commitments to some extent. If you have any other questions, please post them or get in contact with me or etholon!

Edit: looking to schedule the event for wednesday afternoon, please post feedback on this!

Signups so far (16/18)
1. mobiusman
2. etholon
3. Plaguedmind
4. FingersTehHand
5. KennyMan666
6. Fatzke
7. Lightnat0r
8. andypanther
10. Lysteria
11. Therio
12. Akisto
13. LLCoolDave
14. Dragonfangs
15. Nord
16. dizzyprime

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Was a lot of fun last year, I'll join again 🙂

Though I'll probably need a refresher on how to play, and help building the deck

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I'd love to. And yeah newbie refresher series are very welcomed!

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It's been a while since I last played Magic: The Gathering, and I was fairly bad at it too.

But hell with it, sign me up! It's still a fun game.

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I am in. I've been playing for a number of years and even if I'm pretty sporadically active these days I can give some help for people who need it. Even if I'm not always known for making the best card choices.

Edit: And to add to what was mentioned below, I will bring my 11 decks and people can play with them if you ask nicely. They're not standard-legal since RtR has rotated out, but they're pretty casual. They're probably decently balanced against each other, and except for one they're all two-coloured and might be good for relative beginners who have a good grasp of the basics and want to move on to more advanced mechanics I guess?

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I'll be bringing two decks that people can play against each other to learn or refresh on the game.
The decks are designed against each other and cover a lot of the basics.

Also, if anyone has a Standard, Modern, Legacy or Commander (EDH) deck they can bring I'd love to play some!

EDIT: Also, if more than 18 people wanna play I can give up my spot and just help with deckbuilding and judging the event.


We can probably set aside a couple of hours before the event to have a little refresher workshop with etholon's cards 🙂

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Originally posted by FatzkeIN!


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I'd love to join, sounds like fun! But I'm still a noob at Magic and would probably need some help xD

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I haven't played for a long time, but this seems like it could be pretty fun. Count me in.

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For the newer players thinking about joining:
This happened last year as well and there were a bunch of people who never actually played any Magic before (me included). The veterans tried hard during deck building and also during play to make it as accessible as possible and did a fantastic job. Don't be afraid! 😃

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I shouldn't but count me in!

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If it wasn't really clear from my first post, I definitely want to join 😉

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I second etholon btw, I can let my spot if we are way too many so I can help new players.
And bringing some easy decks may be a good idea too, but I don't know if I'll have time to do it tho. My commander deck's gonna do the trip with me at least.

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Aww yes! One more and we can play three player EDH.
And as said in an earlier post I'll have two beginner decks with me but the more the merrier I guess 😃


sure i'm down to play

haven't played in a good two years so should be fun


I demand Urza's Saga Sealed!
Sign me up


I hope to see more people interested in this, did attend the last one and it was awesome!


Originally posted by AkistoI demand Urza's Saga Sealed!

You bring the packs and I'm in 😉

Great response so far guys, keep em coming!