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I got invited on a French show call "Speedgame" last month to run Okami.

The video is now online. The run was Ok even with the silly mistakes i've made.

The video is in french obviously and already got more than 30.000 views in 2 days and it's still going up.


Montezuma's Return!: Been mostly doing offline practice, and I've beaten 4 IL records on various no reset runs since I submitted this. 30 minute estimate should be fine, although with around 2 minutes of possible time loss due to RNG it doesn't leave much room for mistakes.


So for an update on mine and Lady_Smaell's 100% co-op run, we've been making some cool progress with a PB yesterday of 1:10:08. The run can still be unpredictable at points and I expect nerves may play a part so I'd be comfortable knocking the estimate down to 1hr 18mins.


As of Card Rng and Other sillyness in FFVIII i have not yet managed to improve my PC time since the new strats became a thing, However, 7:50 to 8hours would be an estimated time for FFVIII PC still.

Reason 8hours was put is simply because of how long it could potentially to get Cards. hence why the no Zell card route will be used in a marathon run.


I got a new World Record in God of War 1!
It was a part of a Trilogy run (which was a part of a 24 Hours Stream ^^)

Prev time 1:24:46
New Time 1:24:00


I guess it's worth mentioning that a new route was discovered for Final Fantasy XIII, and I've started running and practicing with that.
While I can't do any full runs until after the 21st, I will definitely be able to get down to the same time or lower with the newer route, and in some ways the new route is more interesting to watch overall (less density of menus, using snow instead of fang, and quite a few late game fights are faster than the old route).
The estimate can stay at 5:40, which still allows for a couple of possible incentives if I can think of some interesting things to show off.


Update on the co-op Crash: MoM run: Pete has subbed the 1 putting him under estimate and I've finished quite a few runs under estimate ranging from 52 to 58 minutes (for example



Okay so Amazing Princess Sarah estimate can be safely lowered to 40 minutes. Here's where I'd post a video of a full run if the goddamned capture software hadn't crashed while recording. Again.

Game also crashed once but I still PB'd, over a run where I didn't crash. So that part is no problem, really, as it doesn't cost much time, but I'll still do things to prevent the crash that I've had some success with.

I swear, someone doesn't want me to record this game. And it's ONLY this game that makes the capture module crash.

The Bionic Commando Rearmed 100% new route is secure, completely marathon-safe and I'm aiming to have a video and lowered estimate of it posted tomorrow.


Alex Kidd in MIracle World: Finish most practice runs I do. I'll keep the room in the estimate to get some extra lives for safety and enough money for an emergency continue.

Castle of Illusion HD: race every week, no new PB, but mostly consistent. Likely to be an alternate and do commentary rather than a primary entrant.

Castlevania Rondo of Blood: I've improved quite a bit but I have some more work to do to get more consistent and faster at some of the boss kills.

Land of Illusion: I'm a beast.

Shadow Blasters: Did some practice this weekend. Got a couple runs a few seconds worse than PB, finished a train-wreck run under estimate. (No leaderboards for this game, submitted run is still best known time)


I know it's not you guys' fault but the number of autoplaying videos in this thread is killing me

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I will not be able to make it to ESA this year unfortunately 😬 have fun all of you !!!


Just to update on Silent Hill 3, I've started to really run NG+ heavily now versus just running regular any%.

This is a pretty unremarkable PB, but I thought you guys would like to see it just to have a idea where I am in regards to running the game. I made one tiny mistake which resulted in about 20 seconds being lost (although I now know how to stop it happening) I feel that I'm pretty confident at running the game at my current skill level and my performance would show off this game nicely at the marathon. In the time between now and ESA, I will still of course try and improve my PB


My Unreal time is now down to 48:53 and I will play more of it tomorrow. It's still not ideal but I intend to get at least a 45:xx in the next two weeks. Game is a huge amount of fun to run, basically nothing that can just make you reset.


Update on La Mulana: I've been practising pretty consistently since the first round of cuts were announced, making steady progress every week. To make learning the route doable I split up the run in 3 segments, each containing 3 major boss fights. The route for La Mulana is very complex and difficult to learn due to it's extreme alinear nature.

For the first segment - up to Sakit - my time is 43:30, which is about 10 minutes off WR. I haven't done this segment in a while, the last run I did of this segment was before I fixed my FPS issues, so that might save me a bit of time due to being able to more accurately predict input timings. I think there's a couple of places where I can easily improve my time by improving my health management.

The second segment - starting after Sakit and going up until Viy - my time is sitting at 41:24, which I'm guessing is about 15 minutes off WR. There's an easy ~4-5 minute time save here for which I just have to do a bit of research to optimize my health management.

The third segment, which starts after Viy and ends after the escape sequence, is the one I started learning last week. I went from a 1:39:06 to 1:09:06 in 2 runs, so I expect to be cutting off a lot of time for that soon. This segment has the most difficult boss fights in it, but I've been practising those offline quite a bit, and have become fairly consistent at some of them, especially the final fight with Mother.

My splits of my current best runs:

While my current segmented time added up (2:33:00) is still quite a ways off from the estimate given, I do think doing single-segment runs will allow me to get a better time faster. I'm gonna get into that after doing a few more runs of the third segment, so that I can nail that down more easily.

I'll be out of town from Thursday until Saturday, so should any questions arise, please contact me beforehand 🙂


Update on the three games I've submitted:

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Though I've not managed to practice this game as often as I'd like to, the run has been evolving quite a bit. I have just finished a run with a time of 1:51:23, which is consistent with many of my previous runs, so I'd like my estimate to be reduced to 1 hour 55 minutes. I will run this game a lot (possibly every day) over the next month and a half to clean up my route.

Castle of Illusion HD - I've managed to beat my PB since submitting this game (I can't remember if this was before or after the first round of cuts). I've had a few races every Sunday with the community, though nowhere near as many as I'd like, and my run times have varied a LOT. I intend to run this game more often in order to get a consistent time.

World of Illusion: I've not had the chance to play this since submission, so feel free to cut me out from the race (apologies to Grukk, Edenal and Pogington).


Well, my hardware is failing me. By which I mean my capture device. Once again, the sound and picture started being odd partway through capturing a BCR 100% run, and indeed the capture software had crashed. Then I stopped the capture and resumed playing for another 40 minutes to finish the game with no issues. I literally only get problems when I'm capturing with it, simply playing with the audio and video going through it gives me zero issues whatsoever.

At this point I don't know WHAT part of the capturing process is fucking up and not letting me get video, and I don't feel like bashing my head against failing technology anymore.

The run kinda started falling apart because I was pissed off at technology but it was still a PB, so there was that. I did something right, and I'll keep improving before ESA, once school lets me off the hook - I've had little time to do practice runs.

So that's where I am.

I am, however, NOT lowering my Bionic Commando Rearmed 100% estimate. It stays one hour, despite the video I linked to being 41 minutes. But there's many reasons for that, most of them being PC vs. X360. PC version has significantly faster loading times, and there's a few other version differences that play into it. Also, the PC run is with saving, resetting and reloading to skip trucks, but I'll be doing RTA with no resets. It adds up! And I always want to include the marathon/idiot tax of 5-10 minutes, to cover all the things that never happened before. It's a big improvement over the old route I ran last year anyway, where I was praying to get sub-hour. Sub-hour is now easy. I have no time for the game up on the site because it requires video, which I'm certainly going to keep trying to get recorded.

Once I have the time to really hardcore practice I know that sub-50 is within my grasp, but that won't be a thing until I have no more classes for the semester.

But once I'm out, hoo boy, practice every day time. Almost.

And as stated on the previous page, Amazing Princess Sarah is quite ready to go already with a new 40 minute estimate, but there'll be more practice of that as well, obviously.


(Posting my PB here since we haven't made a page for it yet)

Here is my new PB for The Legend of Dark Witch (20:48 RTA, 17:12 IGT)

EDIT: I have yet to make a recent run of Uninvited. But I have bought 2 carts for the race, and can promise that the quality of the race will be equal to the Shadowgate runs at previous ESAs.

EDIT EDIT: Current PB for Dark Witch is now 20:48 (removed old PB vid)


Final Update on my Submissions.
HP2PC any% in 50:12. New World Record.
Best of Luck to everyone for the final round of cuts! 😃


Last Update on Skyrim got a 45:41 run (sadly not sub 45)
I want to improve this time still. I panicted at the end and made a stupid mistake but overall a good run.


Deus Ex Human Revolution any%

Got a new PB and once again new Strats got discovered!

PenAgain is doing alot of runs aswell so we are still up to date with the race! 😃