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In regards of my Mario Kart 64, I've had two de-rust runs which were both in the mid/low 30 minutes, so I'm definitely still in shape for that. I will do a lot of practice on consistency and stuff if the games passed through.

For Crash Team Racing, my two de-rust runs have been high 55 minute runs, although with a lot of dumb mistakes I just need to practice a bit more for and I won't really do them in runs.

Summary, I'm up-to-date on my pbs in both games, even if I haven't pb'd in a long time 🙂


Got a new PB in my game, Fable 1 by almost 2 and a half minutes, bringing me up to 3rd place. My next target is sub 1:30 minutes, which would put me in second place 😃


Pocky & Rocky PB a bit old but 🙂
Estimate is still the same


PBed in Crash Twinsanity 100% today and got 1:17:50:
Estimate is the same


Improved my world record in Dust: An Elysian Tail (Any% Warpless)


Not really been playing Gargoyle's Quest on stream, still do at least 2-3 runs a week on my Gameboy pocket in the train though and get consistent 30 min times on the PAL version, Ill try to at least do an online stream before this Wednesday.


You can cut the Spyro 3 run, I haven't playeed it for a while and lack all motivation to do so. I feel I wouldn't give a good representation of it at the marathon.


Just got a new PB for BioShock 2 - also almost unbeatable - 1:23:55. EVERYTHING first try, also got my SoB down to 1:22:35. No-loads is 1:17:56, pretty good.

Spanish commentary throughout all run pretty much, sorry.


Got a 2:09 in Trials Fusion Challenge%, only 5 minutes off my WR, but unfortunately the game lost me 5-6 minutes at the end. Yes, the game, we have no control over certain game mechanics (some are only used in this category) and glitches, one of the reasons why the estimate has to stay high... As of marathon/no-reset attempts, got a 2:21, 2:25 and a 2:32. Those were pretty much filled with mistakes that are easily fixed with a relay speedrun.


SWAT 4: We did some routing today and made a lot of progress on that. Seems that the expansion maps arent hard and long so its not gonna add a lot of time.

About the audio; it should be fine if there is just one audio source (and its gonna be more serious than last year).


The Simpsons: Hit & Run:

Got another PB today (1:45:56); only reset a few times at the start and then continued the run all the way through and saved another ~2:30. It was pretty clean in comparison to my PB from the other day as well.


In relation to all my submitted games/runs, I plan on doing some no reset runs of them all pretty soon, just to check I am consistent at them still. Will post my results here once I have done that.


Another PB with huge improvement. Unluckly some stupid RNG and lost to it around 2 mins:


Got a nice PB at GTA V any% no mission skips yesterday. 7h49m. Still a lot that went wrong (obviously, otherwise I would be closer to WR¤), but my IGT splits of main character (Michael) were slightly faster than WR lvl. Just lost a bunch of time with Franklin mostly. I think the 3 of us combined (Zoton, Meridian & me), each maining 1 character, would get around the 7h barrier on a good run.

EDIT: the video got rejected on YT for copyright claims, so I'm gonna have to mute it, then re-upload (for submission to ladder).

¤WR is 7h16m by prospected team mate Zoton2. 🙂


I did a couple of Final Fantasy (Famicom) runs and got a proper PB, 7:25 (Leaderboard: )
The estimate shouldn't change and stay 15 minutes because dying to the final boss has relatively high chances (~30%) to happen and costs close to 4 minutes


I hope you guys understand, but i can't do any runs next week (which i initially planned),
cause i won't have my streaming gear for a whole week.

So maybe you could consider this during the first work on the cuts on the 16th 🙂
Of course i will be doing my runs + planning and improving as of Monday the 18th (where i get my stuff back).

The Payment of course will be done asap 😛


This is it. I finally did after hours of struggle. Alisia Dragoon in 14:54, sub 15 happened, new PB, close to WR, and even theoretically a WR because the timing of the actual WR from years ago is kinda weird.


I'm not lowering the estimate of 20 minutes because a bad run could easily be 16 or 17 minutes and with a death, but I am confident about the estimate, no problems.


I got PBs in Age of Empires (Greek campaign), Age of Empires II (Wallace campaign) and Vice City Any%. They're all on as of now, and I think the Age of Empires II estimate can be lowered to 25 minutes, since there isn't much that can go wrong anymore thanks to some "new" glitches.

I haven't done much Vice City Stories to be honest since I've been too busy for many long runs these days, but I know that my ability to get below that estimate is there (and by the time ESA happens I'll definitely have gotten a much better PB). Also my PB has 12 minutes of me going AFK due to family (and me not caring since it was my first run and it was garbage anyway), so think of me as having a 4:40:xx RTA time for now.


I improved my PBs of all my submitted games (Arkham Asylum, Alien Breed and Wizkid) and I feel confident in reducing the estimates of Alien Breed and Wizkid to 20 minutes and 40 minutes respectively.