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I just got the WR for FF9, with a 9:02:48.

As ESA draws near (assuming the game remains in), Nepf and I will be working on making sure we have our routes synced up and marathon-safe, so even with the considerable amount of RNG in the run we are confident we will be within our estimate.

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We need more teamwork in this thread!

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I've been playing pretty much only GX lately, but Sonic Advance and Killer7 are still fresh in my mind.

I haven't played Shadow of the Colossus in ~2 years though, I'm confident I could get back to where I was or better within a couple weeks practice, but it might be better to just drop SotC altogether so I can focus on the others.


Two PBs:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike in 1:30:48

The Legend of Dark Witch any% in 21:28

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Since everyone is doing it, i might as well..

I got a new WR for 7 Character Isaac Rebirth speedruns a few days ago, my time is down to 1:37:59

more importantly, my runs have been very solid lately, since a serious shot at WR times during the marathon is pretty much out of the picture anyway. point is, i've been getting pretty consistent sub 20s with most characters, which would be my hope for the marathon.

my estimate for the 4 character run you guys suggested would be around 1:45, even though i'll ¤probably¤ go sub 1:30. but, y'know, rng based games...


Got a new PB in Castle of Illusion for the Sega Master System.
My current time is 15:44 but I'm confident I can cut even more in the coming weeks

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44:25 time for Silent Hill 3. Slowly but surely getting there 🙂


My new estimate for Etrian Odyssey 3 is now 2 hours, now that I've finished the route and its 100% consistent.

First run I did after finishing the route was 2:02:55 and that was with 2 unintentional time wasting resets because I can't follow my own route

I can't believe the current route only takes about 1 hours and 30 minutes (add 15-ish to the normal routes minutes for the true end) considering it used to be a 4+ hour speedrun

I'll be doing a few more runs today for the other endings, and updating that on the leaderboards but considering the game is 99% RNG manipulated there is not going to be much difference.


Recent InFamous: Festival of Blood PB - 27:13. Run wasn't all that good, didn't get the last damage skip so that killed the sub 27 entirely. Last split was amazing, best segment by 13 secs.


Updates on Grow Home: I got these earlier in the week but hadn't got around to posting them in the thread yet; my Any% PB is now 17:36 and my All Star Seeds PB is 28:22 (so my PB for that is now actually under the estimate!) These are now both under 2 minutes off their world records; the All Star Seeds PB had a really bad ending too so that should be easily improvable. Links below:

All Star Seeds:


Attempting to record full Amazing Princess Sarah run: Capture software crashes.

This game is cursed.


New PB in Alisia Dragoon, with a 16:16. This is a 9 seconds improvement over my previous PB. Still unlucky with stages 3, 6 and 7, which costs me the sub 16 I am waiting for. But once again, a PB is a PB.

Direct link:


Yet another PB in Shrek 2 😛
Only 3 seconds behind WR now 😃


Had a very close Sonic and the Black Knight race with Frokenok and some other people a couple of days ago and a got a PB. This is a 2 minutes and 5 seconds improvement over my previous run and I'm going to still improve it 😃


Little update on my submitted speedgames.

Since my initial submission of Sonic Heroes I have implemented a lot of new strats into the run thanks to the discovery of a new glitch and have lowered the record from 59:41 to 56:03 Game Time (1:01:48 Real Time). What's more I've been consistenly getting sub 1 hour Game Time making my estimate overly high, so I would like to drop it to 1:15. This estimate of course includes the donation incentive and a small amount of other things I'd like to show off.

For Dustforce DX I've recently PB'd as well and gotten my time down to 44:01. The estimate for this one is fine as I want to showcase some of the comunity made custom maps (this could potentially be made into a donation incentive, but I'll leave that up to you)


Well... Forget my update from 9 hours ago, I did a new PB in Alisia Dragoon!


The new PB is 15:31! This is a 45 seconds improvement, because I just finally had a good and lucky run!
It is only partly true. With Toothache, the World Record holder, we said that someday he would coach me with every little things that go wrong in my run. And this day was today. I showed him my previous Personal Best, that was 16:16, and he analyzed everything. I told him what were mistakes only in this run, and what were mistakes I do everytime. Then I went live to have my coaching. First I did a kind of mock run to show him how was an usual "bad" run that I reset, then we trained every stage, every strat I wasn't using, and I learned 4 new strats. All of this took a little more than 2 hours. Then I did 1 hour of attemps, and finally, I just got it! ❤️


Hey guys ! I made some PBs too since the beginning of april

First : I finally cut a sub 17 on VVVVVV (link : I can work for a sub 16:30 for ESA but still this run is solid, and major improvements are over for me in this category

Second : I made some PBs on Rebirth too (link : For a 4 characters Rebirth run, I choose the same estimate as ProblemsIRL which is 1h45. It will be so hype to make a race in a marathon for this awesome game 😃

For Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, I don't have the time for now to train it, I will do it on next week to break a sub 1h40 which is my estimate 😃

I will let you know what is going on next week ^^

ESA hype !


Got a new GTA: Vice City PB. Probably I will have yet another one soon. A new skip was discovered to work on the Japanese version and it saves ~2 minutes, maybe even a little under 2:30. Estimate should remain the same though imo.

¤UPDATE: got another PB that I probably won't try to improve soon.