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MuppetHype survived!!!!

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New PB/WR for Infamous Any%, 3:39:40. Keep estimate as is for now please, entire run was very clean besides the penultimate mission with awesome RNG on last boss.


Got the sub 1:30 in Muramasa. Estimate can stay at 1:50 for now though.

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New PB/WR on SpeedRunners, got a 8:16, still improvable. imo i can do sub 8:10 but it has to be the perfect run. Maybe at ESA :^) OpieOP


well, it's been a few days since I got that time in all masks, but I thought submitting it here would be good.

got a 2:40:53 in all masks a few days ago, which means that VPP and me are only 7 seconds apart.


Improving the WR slowly but steadily on Trials Fusion Challenge% (aka. All Challenges). Got a 2:15:52 and still possible to get easily below 2:10. The leaderboards on the site should be updated when a new PB/WR comes in. FrankerZ


I found out what causes the softlock on day 321 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 so the estimate can probably come down to 3:45


I was able to put in a substantially better time on my Sonic Triple Trouble Tails Any% run. This one is within 2 seconds of the old WR, and about 30 seconds or so off the current one. There's a lot of room to improve, but this run does a good job of showing off some of the weirdness that this game is capable of. I expect to also practice up 100% further in case that gets supported.

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I just shaved off over 2 minutes on my PB for The Simpsons: Hit & Run with an alright no-reset run, bringing my PB down to 1:55:26. The ending went rather badly though, so I'm pretty sure I can take off another 3 minutes before the next cuts. I posted it on the leaderboards, but I'll link it here too, just for reference:

If I get very consistent at getting these types of times, I'll be able to lower the estimate a little, but for now I don't wanna do that.


Got a better time at Sonic and the Black Knight. Starting to get back in shape from when i used to run Black knight. Me and flyingfox are 19 secs of each other.

We'll be working on bringing this down even more but we doing some nice improvements

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I've been waiting for a moment but I can now confirm that I will be not able to go to ESA this year for running Fire Red Round 2 since I had to work from 18 May to 10 July, really sad about that. I'll try once again next year even with exams.
No possible race between isalad and me :^(

Cheers and good luck for everyone!


On top of the time I improved earlier, I also did a few runs of Grow Home, and because of the way the game works, I can practice both of my categories in one go. I shaved off ~40 seconds from my Any% PB (now 19:18) and have now actually set a (proper) PB in All Star Seeds (31:27). That latter categories time is still over the estimate I gave for ESA though, so I still need to practice that one more. Links below as before:

All Star Seeds:


Run updates:

Final Fantasy X:
New PB of 10:30:40, estimate will probably remain the same
Final Fantasy V:
No new PB, but when I get one it'll be good (I hope). Expecting a sub 4 run soon
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:
Yet to learn the all dungeons route, but shouldn't take too long since the only truly difficult part of this run is the final dungeon (which I'm practised in from any%). 4-player co-op will be quite different from single player anyway.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD:
Started learning and improving the route on this today. The estimate will definitely come down a lot but (probably to around 4:30) but I'll update further when I actually start doing runs.

Edit: Also Thiefbugs video keeps auto-playing for me on this page and its quite annoying, please fix :3


@Cereth: that's a Twitch issue they haven't been bothered to fix yet -


Got a new PB/WR for AHiT: all time pieces
Estimate could probably come down a little as well, but I'll wait until closer to the deadline.

EDIT: The WR was beaten by another runner, it is currently my pb however.


I'm really sorry, but it turns out going to ESA just isn't financially viable this year, a couple things happened and I just can't make it. So you can remove my submission. Again, sorry - hopefully next year i'll be able to go.


Just noticed that both Pokémon Fire Red runners have dropped out. I held off submitting because I have been a bit absent from speedrunning recently and Salad and MBison had both been working hard but if you still want Round 2 in the marathon I'd be willing to blow the dust off the gameboy player and fill in if that was possible now submissions have closed.


I got a new N64 WR for Bonus Circuit! I hope I can get sub 31 until ESA.