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Unfortunatly, i will not be able to make it. Have a lot of fun guy's!


Got another PB for Fable, 1:31:30, cutting my time by another 30s on a decent-ish run! a bunch of new faster and more consistent strats have been found, leaving almost zero points that can kill the run!


Just realized after looking on my submission that my PB is 7:47 in the video.. That is since i believe a couple of months old by now with a new PB at 7:38.

The WR was around the time 7:35:59 that is since then improved to 7:29 because of some new intreseting findings for the PC version specificly and also a new step-counter,


A little bit late to post this (seeing as the cuts are probably mostly done by now) but I thought I'd post some more information about how I've been getting on with my games.

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony: Did 2 no-reset runs recently, one was 1:58:11 and the other was 2:03:40, the latter done with no splits and had a couple of mess ups, but still good marathon practice.

The Simpsons Hit & Run: Did 2 no-reset runs of this too, 1:52:37 and 1:48:52. Both of these had rare glitches that wasted some time and the former had a mission fail too, so overall not too bad still.

Grand Theft Auto V: Haven't had any time to do runs of this recently, although because of the length (and other stuff) this is the thing I'm least expecting to get in anyway.

Grow Home: Because of the short nature of this, I have done quite a few no-reset runs of this, and for Any% they have all been sub 21 minutes, most are sub 20. For All Star Seeds, I have had some issues (mainly softlocks), and although the runs I did finish were under estimate, if you choose to pick this game, I would rather do Any% seeing as it's shorter and has less chance of softlocking, and I'm more likely to get under estimate for that.


The Payment was done days ago and everything is planned out for my runs.

All the routes and notes, even Marathon Backups + new fancy stuff is written down,
but like i already stated: Can't practice my runs until Monday, so please take note of that, thanks 🙂