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Due to various reasons I can't make it to ESA so inMomentum can be dropped from the schedule


Some update:

You may see in my profile I started running BioShock 2 (and soon I'll do 1 again) on PC, but I'd still run Xbox at the marathon, and there's some reasons:

- Despite PC being the fastest version, I don't want to deal with making save files for every "important" part of the route in case the games would crash. BioShock 1 and 2 can crash a lot on the PC versions, and that's something that won't happen with the 360 version.

- I want to show, for anyone that has ever watched PC runs, the differences between versions. Despite the route being almost the same, some skips work differently. Also, BioShock 1 was done on PC last ESA, and it has some stuff that's different on 360. So 360 is my preference, as it's my main platform. I will get into PC runs much more during summer, but for now it's just going to be some runs to keep up with the routes.

I think I put an estimate of 1:10:00 for BioShock 1 - it can be lowered to 1:05, since I can definitely get consistent sub 1:05s and close to sub 1. BioShock 2 has some problems with certain Radio Message glitches and can cause some trouble, but estimate could be lowered to 1:35:00. The other estimates are good.


Since game submission, I've gotten a decent PB in both Castle of Illusion and Land of Illusion (both SMS), making me ready for an Illusion-relay. I've also maintained my Castle of Illusion HD capabilities through the weekly races. I have however not been able to play Ninja Gaiden SMS as much as I've wanted to, due to my bachelors thesis being due next wednesday, but after it is delivered, I'll have plenty of time to practice for ESA, and I am confident that I can deliver a high quality run.

tl;dr: I am and will be ready for ESA.


I would like to withdraw Sunset Overdrive.

Despite me still getting decent times in the game, and loving it oh so much, it's not reasonable for me to expect a working Xbox One to be there, since I cannot bring one myself.

I also would like to polish it more before ESA, and with two other games in potential acceptance that I would rather those get in over this game. As such haven't been practising Sunset quite as much, but still get decent times as mentioned.

Adding to the fact that cutscenes cannot be skipped (otherwise it would be a super short run) I feel it's best the game is withdrawn to allow a better chance that someone else gets the game they have been practicing more and may not have other games in contention for the final line-up.

I really do want to see it happen, it is so much fun and colour, but for the time it consumes vs. quality of run vs. hardware requirements - let's remove it from consideration please. Next year when there are more XBone games perhaps.


Since submitting Infamous any% only one of my practice runs has gone over estimate, by 7 minutes, I've PB:d/"WR:d" once and my average time is 3:52. Being a little more careful during a marathon run will not lose much time since most of the time lost comes from dying and having to repeat segments between checkpoints.


I haven't been able to beat my own WR time in Chaos Legion on my practice runs (offline). It's a tough record (1:36:03), but I have been close. I can consistently get sub 1:40 (which is a really good time; got 1:42:00 during ESA last year). The run contains a lot of lucky snipes/perfect positions that is hard to replicate in each run.

If you guys need a video of a practice run, I will be able to provide one during the weekend if you guys ask for it. 🙂


Final update. More strats have been found in Sonic Heroes allowing me to push it down to 55:39 Game Time. I'm hoping to eventually sub 55, but with the difficulty of the run nowadays it could take a while. Dustforce I've managed to get down to 43:54, with potential for a bunch more time save still. I mostly do no-reset runs nowadays and have yet to go over estimate (b'w')b


Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-op%

We just got a new WR. When it was 1am for me. Geez. If we can do that when I am super tired and with massive amounts of lag...with very little practice, and only second run of the week...

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Might as well give a quick update before it closes.

For Sonic CD (2011) Tails Any% I am consistently at 19-20 minutes real time. As for Sonic and the Black Knight I have looked in to the game and can bring it down a bit further. I'll try again later tonight and if I get it might have to post a picture of my time as it'll take over 9 hours to encode and upload the run.


Got the recording working to the point where it at least wouldn't crash on me, and then my practice runs that were on PB pace all fell apart in the stupidest ways. Including one small map mistake leading to catastrophic time loss. At least I found some adjustments to improve the map route! So, yeah, I'm definitely ready with both my games, but there won't be any more videos posted.


I've been doing alot of ODST practice in the last couple weeks and my easy pb is currently a 1:16 and 1:25 RTA, while my legendary pb is a 1:56 and a 2:0X RTA which is I'm not happy with at all.

I feel like I could get my legendary PB down over the course of the next month and a half but since cuts is coming up soon I guess it's your guys' call if legendary stays or not.

For an easy run I'd prefer to up the estimate to 1:30 and for legendary 2:00.


Recent Doom II no reset runs have been easily under 40 minutes RTA so hitting the estimate with another month and a half of time to practice should be a breeze even if things go horribly wrong. I'm also gonna aim to get a single segment run finished before ESA rolls around which would in this game most likely be below 30 minutes even with safer strats.

In regards to PoP:TT, I'd drop it in favour of the other PoP games since I think their runs are better.


No reset run of Shenmue II tonight resulted in a PB of 2:03:09. Estimate can safely be knocked down to 2:20, that still leaves room to show off some of the amazing characters in this game and a nice buffer in case something really crazy happens (which is highly unlikely; the run is pretty safe at this point). Good luck with the cuts everyone.


I've been practising MGS3 as much as I can recently, I have gone from essentially having no PB in the game to getting a 1:45:28 IGT

I still have a lot to learn about this game but it is easy to practise and practise pays off a lot in this game, I would expect to be able to get under the estimate of 1:40 for this game easily before the event and would have done it already if I hadn't been so busy recently.

Will more then likely start doing daily runs of this like I did with Ape Escape 3 last year so I expect to improve quickly.


Got a new PB in Etrian Odyssey 3, 1:46:15 in True End, which is about 15 minutes slower then Any%

This should be what the marathon run will look like, except from some obvious (read: not being able to read notes) mistakes. Every input I need to make in the game is on a piece of paper and as long as I just take it a little slow and read it, it should always be sub 2 hours


New Advance Wars: Dual Strike PB / WR is 1:29:33

Also, I'd like to cut my estimate to 1 hour and 45 minutes. It's pretty fase to do it in that amount of time, even with bad RNG.


I've mainly been focusing on trying to improve on Crash 2 for the past couple months, but I haven't been having too much luck. I've had a lot of finished runs below estimate, including a lot of runs from booting the console on and doing a resetless, which is nice. I'm still actively playing the game and I have relative consistency, I'm just struggling with a lot of newer strats in the late game. I've lost countless amounts of PBs to Warps 4 and 5 simply just due to some unfortunate mishaps.

As for Crash 3, I haven't touched the game in 2 ½ months and played for 2 days and managed to cut my time down to a 2:15:59 (with a hilarious choke in the final boss; one that I'm 99% certain wouldn't happen in a marathon which almost net me an entire minute). I'm capable of taking it down a fair bit more, too; this beats the estimate I put forward by almost 15 minutes, although I'm probably going to leave the estimate as it is since mistakes in this game stack minutes onto the time. I've been debating lowering my estimate to 2:25, but I'm unsure.

I haven't touched Mario Kart Wii since my submission, but I have a lot of experience with the game to where I feel extremely comfortable with being able to meet the estimate. My run was also very good for my standards too, so beating it may be tough due to my near perfect late game RNG. I definitely plan on picking up the category again in June, however.


Trials Fusion All Challenges%

Over the last month I have had The Trials EU Championships with dreamhack and the Finals after the first 3 weeks this weekend just gone in Tours France where I came 4th.

Because of this I haven't got practice in.
But I will be starting up hard again this weekend.

I did get a PB before the last month of 2:26

Offcourse we have submitted this as a Relay and this is because we will be taking each others best skills in trials and combining them to go as fast as possible and have a consistent stream of commentary

We do feel Challenge% Is the best for viewers and those who haven't seen the game before.
The category has the most depth in variety and different mechanics shown in the run.

Just wanted to post this as a heads up, and we look forward to the cuts.



Quake Easy 100%:
I've PB'd by a minute ( ).
I've also been working on a lot of other Quake related stuff see:

Half-Life 2 EP1:
Managed to get a pretty good time with the new skip ( ).