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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky, bangerra and joka. We will also reach out to individuals and game communities regarding runs, rules and so on to help us make our decisions.

Edit: After some scheduling conflicts between the runners, we have revised our choices. The updated cuts list is below.

Round One of Cuts are now Public!

Not Easy
It's never easy doing cuts, but we feel like we've done a really good job this year. All the cuts are evenly spread out amongst runners, so hopefully no-one feels targeted. If you feel like your game was cut unduly, just let us know.

We feel like we have a really balanced selection of great runs by the best European runners still in the schedule and we hope you're looking forward to it.

More to Come
Unfortunately, there will be more cuts to come. From this point on, we will be looking at runner skill more heavily, so from this point, if we deem that your skill isn't up to standard, we may have to cut your games.
We will be giving you until the 13th of May 2015 to optimise your runs! We will be checking primarily so please update the leaderboards there if possible. Additionally, if you have an improved time, you can post in this thread with updates. If you want to change your estimate, please try to only do this once as we approach the 13th of May deadline!

Feel free to discuss any of the cuts here. If you're like to contact any of us privately to talk about cuts, please check our contact info in the master thread linked at the post of this post!

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This seems like a good schedule, I must say

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ahahahaha this is amazing lmao


Great balanced cuts guys showing the skill of all three European speedrunners. Especially looking forward to the 168 hour WoW run. Kappa


when are real cuts coming out tho?


I'm looking forward to the 100% Wow run, I wonder how they improved it to the last run!


Shame its still the 31st in England :^)

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Looking forward to Huniepop and Vice City 2013 strats


15 second spider solitaire? That I'd like to see

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20 hours to reach level 100? Is that estimate right because it should only take around 5-6 hours for a fresh account and maybe shorter if you are doing a NG+ run.

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Here's an old recording of attempts. Best time 8.78s~

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Oooh wow, an asylum run is featured. That sounds like fun. Let's hope there's not too much dialogue in that one =D


Finally I get the chance to read all the Lore of WoW! Epic moments to come!


KH BLOCK ¤PogChamp s into the heavens¤


In my submission notes for Halo 3: ODST I noted I was willing to pick up Legendary difficulty specifically for the marathon, I actually really want to pick up Legendary for the marathon.
I'm not sure about an estimate(just take 2 hours as a benchmark for now)

Is this possible or will I need to just keep going with easy?


Regarding my submission for Fire Red Round 2 - it's on Game Boy Advance, not PS2. Unsure how that happened. Thank you ^_>.


Happy to see Sonic Unleashed Any% made it past the first cut! Gonna work hard on improving that some more this month, so I can definetly see the estimate dropping a bit. Also wanted to do a bit of a glitch / IL strat showcase with the extra time, but I was a bit too generous with it I think.
So yeah I'll keep the leaderboard updated with any improvements and then decide if I want to change my estimate early May 🙂

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I am certain that I'd like the estimated time on Sands of Time to come down to 1h25m - Game changed lots between when I first submitted!

Also, regarding the comment on how much PoP - I think Kotti knows flicky so maybe set up a skype group? Lemme know

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You can revise The Saboteur time to 3hr 30min.


So much hype in these cuts ! 😃

So, I' m agree with the Rebirth race with 3-4 characters, this is a good idea 🙂 I will train the 11 characters during the whole time and before the second cut ^^

By the way, my Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing run will be improved too I think

ESA Hype 😃

Edit : The game I run is VVVVVV not VVVVV Kappa (you missed a V ^^)