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ESA 2015 Mystery Tournament – Interest Thread

What is this?
I will be running two mystery tournaments at ESA – a speedrun tournament and a vs. tournament. Chucat has agreed to lend a hand and I'll be happy to accept assistance from anyone else who wants to offer it.

The Mystery Game Tournaments will use the double elimination structure, and the intention is to play the final rounds on the yellow stream. I may combine these tournaments into one big competition depending on numbers and available time to broadcast the finals on stream.

Similar to the #mystery tournaments on SRL and Chucat’s tournament at last year’s ESA, in each round you and your opponent will be given a game and immediately you will race to a certain goal, or play a vs. match without having the chance to practice first. Players may encounter games they've played before, seen before, or may have never even heard of. The competitions are designed to determine not just who has the most gaming experience, but the best overall gaming abilities.

Do I sign up here?

This is NOT an official sign-up thread so if you register interest here you aren’t committing to the tournaments; sign-ups will happen at ESA itself. But if you are interested in taking part please let me know in this thread so that I have an idea of numbers.

I would also be interested in hearing suggestions of games we could play. As this is a mystery tournament if you do submit a game please do not tell anyone what it is as that will ruin the “mystery” part!

To suggest a game please fill in this form.

As an example of what could work as a suggestion:

Name: RoboSparkle
Game: Shaq Fu
System: Genesis
Can you bring a copy to ESA? Yes
Will you bring the console to ESA? No
Suggested Goal: vs. match – best of 3
Likely Duration (ignore setup): 10 minutes
Comments: It’s very much a meme game at this point and while most attendees will have seen/played it before due to previous appearances at GDQs and ESAs, nobody actually practices this game so we can still be assured of a pretty even match and it would work great in the live finals as well!

Note: It's extremely likely that someone will set up an impromptu Shaq Fu tournament at ESA so we/re not having it in the mystery tournament. This was just an example 😉

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Definitely interested, Chucats tournament last year was a lot of fun


honestly if you're not interested in this you're in for a bad time

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Definitely sounds like fun. Consider me interested.


Are PC / freeware games allowed?

I'd definitely be up for it, and if needed I can help out as well, got quite a bit of experience with blind races and such!


Count me interested. I always like a blind race.


Failing at Games i never played?
You bet i'm gonna participate DatSheffy b


Sign me up, can't be as bad as master monday Kappa


Is it correct that the mystery tournament takes place on July 3rd? Im leaving noon on 5th and would like to make sure im actually there when it takes place.


I would love to take part ^^


It definitely sounds interesting, I am in.


I'm interested. Now to think up some games to submit 😃


Submitted a couple 🙂 Please let me know if you actually want me to bring the games


Count me in, I'll submit some of my shit. Prepare yourselves.


Can I suggest game, but not enter the tournament? >:)


Not sure if I fear bangerra or joka more, now Oo

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Alko: I'm bringing my entire collection of Data Design Interactive games. Maybe that will make up your mind.