I think your colours may be the wrong way around for my runs that are marked, seeing as they're both magenta but both estimates are ~12 minutes longer than my PBs. If this is the case...

The Simpsons: Hit & Run - can be lowered to 1:55, or maybe 1:50 but I think that would be too tight.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony - this could be lowered to 2:05 although there are a few things that could cause me to get close to that; for example a piece of RNG can just lose me just under 2 minutes, or I could get a game crash that wastes me 5 minutes, but that doesn't usually happen (but did in a marathon I was in last week!) If possible I will check that the game is stable on whatever computer I am going to run the game on before the marathon starts, or during the marathon but before my run, depending on how the computer situation is going.


35 minutes might be too tight for Gargoyle's Quest since I have no experience playing it on GB player, 40 might be more safe since shit can happen with encounters (didnt notice that you guys went for the estimate Xer submitted with).


You can lower GoW 2 to 1:25.
I need a backup because of a lot frame perfect charges on the infinite jump. If i'll play on a laggy TV then it could be a small timewaste.



Little change again because of Metal Slug 3 Coop run with Nogatin,
He did not get his holidays earlier so he will only arrive at the 3rd.
So if we can have the run on the 3rd around evening that would be perfect. ( Like it was before... )

Sorry for this mess, 😕


That might be pretty hard for us to do. We moved Metal Slug two weeks ago. Did he only just ask for the time off or something?

We can try and move it, but we really would've appreciated being told before.



I'm from the french restream, not a runner at all, but I'm in charge of the french restream's schedule... I just noticed that every buffers got 30 more minutes, making it last pretty much an hour, instead of the usual 35... Is it normal or not?


The Wizkid run estimate can be reduced to 40 minutes. My recent practice runs have all been around the 35 minute mark so even including time for the 1812 overture and the ending sequence (1 minute each) we should be fine. I notice that there are a few magneta times around my run if you want to distribute the extra 10 minutes 😃


Sorry I had to delay this but really had to know for sure, mainly due to money problems I am sad to announce that I will not be able to afford to attend this years ESA, it really was something I was looking forward to with the new location and all but now you have to have fun without me. BibleThump


The location's not new, it's actually the oldest, so back to the roots ¤/nitpick¤

Shame you can't come, though =C


By sheer luck I might get money from being on sick leave but I am not betting on it.


@Nord Please do let us know ASAP


I don't think my 40 minute estimate is too tight, I've done a lot of resetless runs that have all been sub 35, only expect that to go lower.
40 minutes may be towards the safe side, but mistakes can lose you minutes in this so I don't think it's too safe.


@bangerra Like my first post said, you should not count on me being able to make it, it is just luck if I actually get the money and if I do it will be really late, probably when ESA is going on.


Although not marked as such, I'm now thinking 1:55:00 might be too safe for Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands. 1:50:00 might be a much better estimate.


Same goes for EF2, got more consistent setups for a couple of things to estimate can be dropped to 1:50:00.


Yo like, can't really run at that given time slot, would be best if it where July 4th morning-afternoon


Final Fantasy Any% estimate can be reduced to 10 minutes


@Nogatin - Care to explain why? It's really close to the event now and we would really like to change as little as possible. We might be able to squeeze it in somewhere around the 4th with Nord dropping out, but we would need confirmation from Heinki and a good reason.


Talked to Heinki about it and he's cool with it, and the problem being is that I won't be there until late July 3rd, since I won't have vacation in that week.


Id like to have some wiggle room in my estimates since load times can be a lot longer if not playing from an SSD. That being said you can probably drop Dishonored to 40min and Mirrors Edge to 43.