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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky, bangerra and joka. We will also reach out to individuals and game communities regarding runs, rules and so on to help us make our decisions.

Final Schedule!

This is mostly fixed. We will change things we messed up so let us know of any weird choices and so on.

This one was really hard to make. Please don't drop out ever again - our two streams have really suffered from lost runs. Stream B is likely to become a much more loose stream with on-site bonus content and so on. We should have it imported into a format in the next few weeks. Please keep checking the forums/twitter and your email for more information about adding game information and sorting commentary.

¤We have more to add but Joka is hungover, bang is gone and flicky has to work¤


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Good job on the schedule!

But are we not doing the 8- and 16-bit Illusion-games as a relay?

I also feel that the Castle of Illusion HD race should get a better time slot, because I feel that it'll be entertaining enough for it.


I will sadly not be able to attend this year so remove my participation from the list.


You forgot Alex Kidd.


How does open streams work exactly? Can anyone suggest content for that section?

Otherwise its looking good, gonna miss some stuff I wanted to see since im only staying 29th to 5th, but that was expected.


My game is missing from the schedules


Would it be possible to move my Ty run so that it isn't right before the FFCC co-op run?

Having the 2 runs back-to-back is not going to work out so well for me at least, and we'd like to be able to do last minute practice and setup for our co-op.


Just got word that Rayman 3 was missing from the schedule


VC says 100% instead of 98%. Is this a mistake or were you generous to me? ❤️

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O hey, there's a 14 hour open stream slot after our run. So that means if we die to Deathguise, we just start over, right? Kappa

Also yeah, please put Rayman 3 in. I was really looking forward to it. 🙂

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It's obvious that you guys try to balance out the two streams to make them equal but the schedule makes a clear suggestion that the action is more focused towards "Stream A". What are the reasons behind putting a run in one or the other?

As someone whose run got thrown into "Stream 1" which seems to be the secondary stream I would at least like to know the reason why it's there especially when I consider it to be a top quality run (biased of course).

Also, there's an overlap with another run (Crash 2) where I absolutely want to be on the couch, and I'm also relying on that runner to provide back-up commentary for myself. So for me this schedule is quite problematic and more so disappointing.

I hope I can get some clarification on this and possibly some kind of rearrangement at least when it comes to overlapping if possible.

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Hey, I was wondering if it was okay to ask to shift back start of July 4th - I know that might seem a bit greedy but I only ask because there's like 11hours of unplanned time on the 3rd.

I wanted to couch for DarkDevastat10n's Halo 3 run and we're on at the same time.

Obviously it's cool if you say no but worth a shot

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marvel land at 6:40, the perfect breakfast

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  [user deleted]

Any reason why PoP Sands of Time and Warrior Within are in reverse order? Just seems a bit strange to me. Also the Warrior Within estimate still says 40 minutes, which doesn't make sense for any category. For the old any% which is the category that was supposed to be done the estimate should be 50min, but if needed I can switch to real any% (35min at most, 30 realistically) if needed. The switch doesn't take any preparations so it can be done on the spot if we're behind schedule.

Or keep the 40, maybe I can get the WR at ESA. Whatever works for you.

Schedule looks good, seems like there's something interesting to watch every night.


I just heard about it and noticed that i'm still on the schedule for races, so i guess my message didn't make it to you last month. Can't get off work for the ESA week so i'm not gonna be able to attend this year.

The schedule looks great though, i hope i can at least catch some runs.


Super Mario Sunshine as the finale is... not a choice I expected. At least it seems the ending of the final run won't be at 06:00 in the morning or whatever that was last year this time.

I would complain that my run is once again in the morning when I'm very much not a morning person, but it'll be fine. I want to watch that Bayonetta 2 run anyway, and at least it's only one this time...


Dying Light at 2:45 am and Outlaws at 3:56? Who did I piss off 😛

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I said a billion times that estimate for Chains of Olympus was 0:55:00 but whatever, also, I AM THE RUNNER, not exe :3

Also, I wouldn't be able to watch Sly and MoM BibleThump

we'll see how this ends up though

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