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I would be up for Trackmania. Haven't really played it much the last years, but I don't think I've gotten much worse at it.


I haven't played Trackmania in ages but i would definitely be up for it. I guess you mean TMNF? Or even the good old TMN ESWC? 😃


Definitely down for werewolf ¤¤

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Definitely Trackmania Nations Forever, since that seems to be the only free option that is still played today!
I've been playing it a bit again, and I personally didn't notice that much rust, still had a good time with it!


Question: Will there be anyone who will bring a poker set? I would love to play with a real buy in, like 50 sek, and split at top 3 or such. 🙂

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On a similar note, is anybody bringing a chess set and clock? I have fond memories of playing Chess 2 (The Sequel) at AGDQ 2014, and I definitely need a bazooka chess rematch against Neglaeria.


Age of Empires / Age of Empires II multiplayer matches anyone?

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Pottoww I have a felt table and a small chip set that I think would not be much trouble to fit in the car

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If we had two sets of chess + clock we could do tandem … always fun =D (but I don't think I can bring either — definitely not the clock and likely not the set =C)


I have Fifa15 in my pc too, maybe a tournament? 😛


I figured why not bring my own PC game called Pixelbot Arena. It's a platformer arena versus game where you collect weapons and try to destroy each other, very similar to an old DOS game called Marshmallow Duel.
I don't have a laptop or anything though so but perhaps I could borrow a computer for it sometime during the event? Would be sweet.
Here's some footage from the game, this from a stream and this from a tournament


Yugioh / Sopio anyone? I'm bringing two decks of both games. (even tho Sopio plays from only one deck) 😛


Never heard of sopio. What decks you bringing from yugioh? 😛


Very non-meta stuff. Hazy's and Hunder's. Sopio is great. Really simple rules too, and up to any number of ppl can play.


That goes to show how long i've been out of it, I have no clue what they are! 😃


So, nobody with a DDR Dance Pad or any other kind of huge rhythm game? And do people still want to do Munchkin?

I saw you already did a huge Mafia, GG for that btw it was massive and impressive.


I do have a guitar with me to play on my laptop, with a good chunk of the Rock Band 1-3 + DLC library, approx 1100 songs. If no one brought any other guitars or things then there's only that one guitar available. If there's interest, could set my laptop up somewhere. It is a very noisy guitar.


@MartinForSlund We did some real life Hearthstone OpieOP