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Anyone who plays Hearthstone here? 😉 could do a little tournament maybe if there are enough people 😉

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I play hearthstone on a pretty casual basis. but if theres a pc and i get challenged, I SHALL NOT REFUSE!

edit: actually these days phones work fine too


I could bring Phantasy Star Online with me so you can enjoy the lags on multiplayer mode 🙂 not really an event per se but still a good multiplayer game.

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I'd be up for some Hearthstone.


I'm most likely going to have a powerful laptop with me at the event, and I'm going to have Phase Shift on it, which is a free Rock Band/Guitar Hero clone that's very well made and supports most controllers natively. I'll bring with me my xplorer PC/360 guitar. I can get almost every single song currently available in Rock Band, making it possible to have over 2000 songs available and thousands of other songs outside of that song library if there's an available internet connection.

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If you guys feel risky, I could dare to bring my Taiko no Tatsujin controllers for some special rhythm and games 😉

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Well, huh. This is... interesting timing. And since someone mentioned karaoke here earlier, I guess it can be... kind of side event-ish?

As it turns out, on June 26th to 28th, there's an anime con, Skövde Feskmarknad, going on. In Nyeport. It is quite likely that I will be there and working in the karaoke room. I didn't actually know the dates for it until today.

So if you're interested in seeing what a small Swedish anime con is like, and/or sing some karaoke, then it's right there. Costs 100 SEK for a weekend pass.

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Watching the dota2 TI5 qualifiers, I got reminded of a game called mafia, and I was wondering maybe if there would be some interest in that ? Very simple to set up (because you don't need anything except the players, and some cards), great to just hang out with people, easy to understand but extremely complex when you start thinking about it, and every game is different.

For those who don't what it is, there are two teams, the town and the mafia. There is usually about 1/3 as many mafia as there is town people, and each team has to eliminate the other. Mafia can kill 1 to 2 people during the "night" phase, and town can lynch 1 guy after (much) discussion during the "day" phase.
Here's the catch : Town doesn't know who is who, and they have to figure it out by talking to each other. Mafia is of course among them and have to avoid getting lynched to continue killing people at night. A lot of mindfuck and treason ensues.
Town also has a couple special roles.
I would recommend at least 12 players for this. It's a bit less interesting with less than that.
Some of you may also know mafia through forum games, it's pretty similar.

More detail :

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i'm definitely down for mafia

(I swear if any of you try to WIFOM anyone in Mafia you're going straight to the gulags)


Mafia is great! Will definitely join that!


I have a lot of experience with Mafia/Werewolf and am fond of hosting games of it, so I'd totes be up for doing that.

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I can bring my modded ps2 with every IIDX style and maybe my controller and such for IIDX fun also I can throw all the DDR games on the PS2 hard drive as well if someone is bringing dance pads.

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Count me in on Mafia!


No one up for some Magic? Not that I'm any good at it, but it could still be fun 🙂


if i had cards i would. but i dont have any :<


For magic I'll have a Standard, Modern, Legacy and EDH deck with me. I play almost exclusively competitive magic so I don't have anything more "casual" sadly. My EDH (Commander) deck is pretty average though so some commander would be fun!

EDIT: I'll also be bringing two beginner decks designed for teaching people magic. I'll gladly sit down with anyone interested and teach you 😃

As mentioned earlier I'm also looking into hosting a sealed tournament but I don't know if I have the money to put out on cards for it atm. Even if I'll get it back from participants.


Sealed is great, but I'm really mostly a casual player. If you want to teach stuff to someone, I'd be up for it. Also, Modern is the best ^^


I'll bring my decks, but I haven't built any new decks since last ESA, so they're still my RtR (and one Theros) decks. A few specific cards have been bought for them but I haven't spent a lof of money on them, and I mostly play casually. So there's that.


I probably won't be bringing any cards but I'm looking forward to playing with etholon's Kappa


I'm up for mafia!

Also, is there any interest in Trackmania Nations? I currently have a server we could use to play on!