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Even if the majority of the side events like Poker, Cards against Humanity, Mystery Tournaments etc are done spontaneously at the event, maybe some people would like to discuss about new ideas of what to do.

Personally, I like the Munchkin game. I don't know how known it is outside of France, but here I have a lot of friends who play it. Sadly I don't have the game and even if I had it it would probably be french. So are other people motivated?

Anyway, this thread is for you, if you have suggestions or any other things. Feel free to use it!

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I would be up for some Munchkin. I don't have access to a game either though and haven't played for years. Maybe a group of us could club together to buy a set?

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I have Supermunchkins and some booster packs from other Munchkin sets, which I bring with me every year; this year will be no different 🙂

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Will there be rhythm games/karaoke?

If yes, I am super looking forward to that.

I also played like 2 games of Munchkin a while ago and thought it was fun, so count me in on that.

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Re: rhythm games, depending on if Nogatin is coming or not he's bringing a Sound Voltex ASC (see video) and I have a KShootmania setup to use it on.

Not quite a side event but it's something, and I'm sure it's quite the game to behold for those who have never seen it before.

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I have a bunch of board games in the back of my car. Probably won't take them out before ESA anyway 😛

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Therio your messages reminded me that the DDR last year was awesome, I would love to be able to bring my Metal Dance Pad but I can't.


As with last year, a mario kart 8 tournament needs to happen!

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I could possibly bring Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360 version) with three microphones and 2 guitars if nobody objects. I have well over 1000 songs for that game. The only problems are I don't have a working Xbox 360 or keyboard controller and my drum kit is too big 🙁

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Damn, it would definitely be very cool to try out KSM on a proper controller, Keyboard really isn't a great way to experience it 🙄

As for 360, I'll be bringing at least one wireless controller, so I'll be fine letting you borrow one to set up rock band (if I bring a second you can keep one with the 360 all week, although I'm sure I won't be the only one bringing a 360 controller lol)

I also agree with MK8, not sure If I'm going to bring my Wii u at all though, although there should be at least one at the venue, whether or not we can use it is obviously a different matter. Shame you can't do LAN races with the game though, else we could co-ordinate a few people and get some cool stuff going.

I assume there will be melee, since there is always some fighting games, but I can also bring a smash 4 disc if people are interested in doing some of that (8 player team battles are really super fun), and again if there's interest I can probably bring my Wii u for it.



It's not the controller that's the issue, it's the 360 itself that's not working (I have a wired controller, so that won't be an issue).


Ahhh ok I misread your post, my bad. I don't have a 360 that I can bring, so I'm not really much help in that case :L


30 minute bussride from ESA,

10 minute bussride from ESA, or 20~ minute walk,

15 minute bussride from ESA, +5~ min walk:

Bownling, Bathhouse with waterslides, gym:

Here's the when certain movies can be seen at the cinema;
(English speech with Swedish subtitles)

I'm not going to arrange any group trips, but if you want help with anything I'd love to help!
Same goes for questions concerning activities here in Skövde, just send me questions in PM and I'll do my best to answer them!

If anyone is interested in working out during ESA, I could lead a Viking Expedition to the outside gym ^^

Other than that I plan to fix some on site events myself. Not going to spoil what those are yet though!! :]

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Last year I hosted a very beginner friendly Magic: the Gathering event and I want to do the same this year. I'll be bringing two beginner decks to teach new people who want to learn the game and later in the week I plan on having a sealed deck tournament.

Sealed deck is a very beginner friendly format because you don't need to own any cards beforehand and after we're done you get to keep the cards you played with in the tourney.
I'll probably make a thread of it's own for it when I'm sure I have the cards because it will cost a little bit of money to participate and there is more info I want to share then but yeah; Magic.

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Magic? laserdoom? Pools? i wish i had booked for twice as long now 😛


anyone down for advance wars matches?

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I brought my Munchkin cards last year, but they were never used. I'll give it another shot this time around! I got the normal set and the 7 expansions, around 1000 cards.

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Well, pretty hype with these side events PogChamp I heard Speedrunners tournament could be happening too 🙂

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looked up the minchkin card game, it looks like fun!

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The rules for Munchkin are sometimes extremely confusing though... Me and my friend have made lots of modifications to them, most players usually have some kind of houserule to it.

This will be one of the trickier parts to agree on when we play at ESA 😃. Though my cards, so I'm the gamemaster and can decide the rules, HEH HEH HEH. Though when mixing with Robo's cards, stuff will go down!

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