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Exactly how mandatory is it to include a video with submission, and does the video actually have to be a run by myself? What at least one of my remaining submissions will be depends on what the answer to this is.


video update for the age of empires greek campaign run, as I improved my PB by 13 minutes today


For those of you still struggling with video things, just look at the other submissions.

There are literally hundreds of examples.

You also can't submit without a video link, so yes, it's mandatory.

And this closes in 11 hours.


I am about to finish up submitting all my stuff, but I would like to note that Nord put my name in his Dog's Life Any% submission, in relation to doing a race with me. I am probably not going to submit this because I have trouble with some of the skips, and don't think I can do it safely at a marathon. If he is good at this and it gets in, I am willing to do commentary for the run of course. Just to clear up any confusion if you wonder why he put my name down and there is no submission by me.

EDIT: Also a quick note that a game I have submitted is called "Grow Home", this is not "Gone Home", even though on a quick glance the name might look similar. I was gonna put this in the comments and forgot.


Man, something does not want me to get the video for my final submission recorded. First the capture software crashes, then the game crashes. I blame the fact that I watched a PJ run of a completely different game on Youtube earlier.


submission closes today - shittiest time to announce this - but:
please remove my Majoras Mask 100% submission.
It's very likely that the route we made is slower and I don't want to show off a slower route.



As for the gta 4 glitch showcase my own video finished uploading faster than i expected. So replace it with the one in my submission.


So the video for my final submission ends in a crash in the later parts of the final stage. Oh well, it'll do as a demonstration since there wasn't a lot of game left and there's not much time left until deadline.

But five submissions are in, now to watch the game I want in the most get cut in the first round!


Game submissions are shut!

We're a bit slow shutting the submissions form, but anything after the deadline will be discarded!


Any idea when is the first cut is made?


not 100% on this but they'll be finished and public sometime within 1-2 weeks.


First cuts will be out on Wednesday next week! Unless we finish early~


A couple of small notes about the games I submitted:

First, a new trick was found very recently in MZM 100%. (video) Unfortunately the impact on the run is pretty small overall, but it's the closest thing we've had to a major glitch in a speedrun ever since the game came out, so it's pretty notable.

Second - this one isn't confirmed yet but etholon mentioned he might be able to get Daniel Remar, the maker of Iji, to do commentary on that game. Would be neat!


I'm scared 😭

hold me close.

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Hey so i PBed in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 🙂. Just thought id post this here for things.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 in 3:17:49

Improved by over 14 minutes. Brought myself closer to Rorys PB and also first PB with the newest route 🙂


I'm a SM64 speedrunner and I'd really like to join the 120 star race. My PB is 1:48:44 atm but I'm improving fast.

I know game submissions are over but I thought it could still be possible since you wouldn't need to fit in another game to the schedule, just another player to a race.


Hey, sorry for the late reply!

We're going to have to say no on this front, it's a long time after submissions were closed and we think it would be unfair on everyone else who submitted on time if we were to accept this this late.

Thanks for the interest though!


I've thought about this and I don't think this makes much sense. Joining a pre-existing race is a separate matter to submitting an entirely new one. If I was someone who didn't get in with my own game but someone else who was a bit late on submissions got in on a race, I honestly can't imagine getting angry / sad about it. Besides, this has happened many times at GDQ's and sometimes I think they've even accepted people who hadn't submitted at all until they were at the venue. For example I remember Siglemic getting fitted into the schedule WAY late, I think it was a few weeks or days before the marathon and he had an entirely new game! I've talked to a number of other runners about this and they all seem to agree that I should get in. Dwhatever who is already taking part of the race wants me to join and I'm sure Noizeeh would want me to get in too.


We strongly believe that sticking to our predetermined set of rules are one of the cornerstones of the event.

I fully support the Game & Schedule group and hope you can come to peace with their decision.

Hope that you will consider submitting games for future iterations of ESA!


I must say I can't follow their reasoning on this, but it's your event of course 😕