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I have a question, when I submit a Game and it gets accepted, BUT all of a sudden for whatever reason, I can not make it to ESA.... What would happen? 😃 just asking 😛


if your game made it into the very finale round the worst thing that will happen is that you lost 5 euro thats about it
(flicky and bangerra might personally murder you but who knows...)

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In my Fire Red Round 2 Submission, I accidentally set the Platform and Version wrong.

Platform: GBA
Version: PAL



Helli again, please delete both of my Wind Waker submissions 😃 sorry





Sorry guys, but my Crystal Chronicles Any% submission is meant to be Any% 4-player co-op, the autocomplete in my browser was too strong 🙄


Can you guys add my PB video to my FF1 Origins submission?
Also I need to correct FF13-2 to be PS3 not PC.

EDIT: PB'd again lol, here's the video I want it updated to:


Okay so say I want to submit the finals of some competition (fighting games in this case), submitting it as any other game is still the way to go?

Something like this has a lot of variance in any kind of time estimate, and is sort of hard to plan into a schedule at an event like this since we won't know who's actually playing until partly into the event.


If you submit it in the form, then we know that you're interested in running it and can hold you to it =P

Don't worry about being too accurate, just go with an upper-limit estimate.


Okay, I'm sorry for spamming the thread but because the run has changed so much in such a short time, I think this video best represents the current state of the run for me at the moment.

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Do multi-game runs count as 1 game or multiple games to be submitted?

I need the answer for... reasons.


Multiple game runs include multiple games so it counts as multiple games.



EDIT: Got a better PB and a MUCH better video.

Dunno if it's necessary to mention, but the video I submitted for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is now outdated. I found some new skips and a few kind people pointed me to some others, so here's a better run of the game that includes those skips.


Dude, we need someone to run T2T and we could potentially have a Prince of Persia segment!

The game are very cool and the original trilogy has a ton of cool tricks

We'll forget about PoP:2008 though... that game didn't happen...

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Just to remind you all, there's a week and a few hours to get your submissions in. It will not be extended! If you miss it, you miss it!


Also, I forgot to mention that my Estimated Time needs to come right down, even with setup, it shouldn't be longer than 1h 35m right now - the setup requires some fiddling around with controller calibration but aside from that should be okay - I'd be disappointed in a run over 1h 20m right now as my PB is 1h 07m.

Sorry for asking to change it so much, the run has just developed very rapidly and it's hard to keep up! 🙂

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VPP and me would like to race "Majoras Mask - All Masks" if you decide to put that into the schedule... if possible of course.

lowered my time to 2:43:48
so it should definitely be even by then


my estimated time for takeshi should be lowered to 8 minutes instead of 11, I missclicked when I filled it in 😃


In my Sonic generations Unleashed project sumbission i didnt notice that i put by mistake NES and not PC so if possible ito be fixed.

Also for some reason my Sonic 4 submission was put twice. Maybe cause my internet disconnected at the moment but yeah sorry about that... 🙁

Thanks in advance!


I may have gone a bit overboard with the comments on my runs, so now the final part is cut off in the hover over. Should I get it changed to something a bit shorter or will you guys still be able to see the full comment?


I'd like the Trials Fusion any% run to be removed, due to Challenge% and 100% being submitted.