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I should probably mention that my game runs in windowed mode 😉

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since i'm flying international i was hoping to not bring any consoles with me. so far it seems someone will have a gb player, so i'm not worried about batgun. however, i see joka is bringing a suiper famicom, and theharlequindevil is listed as bringing a snes but doesn't say what region - if the console isn't the US version then zombies ate my neighbors won't fit. i can arrange to bring a US snes, but i would rather not.


I'm bringing my US Snes (that can play J games). My run's fairly early on in the marathon, after that anyone can use it to practice on or whatever (although soft reset doesn't work on it)

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Since something went wrong with it i can't bring the PS2 i wanted, so if someone could lend me his NTSC PS2 for my Run (and maybe a bit of practice) i would greatly appreciate it 🙂

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@SeductiveSpatula - is your xbox modded at all?

If not is there anyone with a modded xbox that could bring theirs. The original plan was for another runner, who has dropped out, to bring his. If I bring mine it will either cost me £50-60 or I won't have much space left over for clothes etc.

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I forgot about offering up my PC the instant I'd done it but here is my response Oasiz.

Gigabyte X79-UD3
i7 3820
2047MB Geforce GTX 680
16GB something something

The extra HDD solution would be pretty great. Saves me cleaning up afterwards.

EDIT: It also still has the bits of tape that says PC1 on it since last year so that's convenient 😛


I've read that you are looking for LCD TVs.

My question is: Why is Component so important and HDMI not a solution?
Is it because of HDCP? I've a HDMI Splitter that ignore HDCP and i use it on my streams, too.
You are limited on hardware if you use Component, because normally only big TVs have these inputs and many of the really important 22"-24" gaming Monitors not.

Another big problem with large LCD TVs is, that many of them have a (big) input lag!
There are few without lag, but they are hard to find and input lag is not a data that you can find in the manual.

If HDMI is possible too, then i'll try to catch a Fighting Game Tournament Monitor (with 0-frames input lag tested by PRAD with CRT comparsion) and take the HDMI Splitter with me of course!


eTholon, thanks!
I'm sure that will come in handy as it's more powerful than what we have.

exe: HDMI is an option as well. Our scaling chain however doesn't handle HDMI natively and thus we prefer alternatives. We have a matrix that handles I/O switching between stream/display which doesn't work with digital signals. We do not prefer this as it would change the chain we have set up.
I guess it could be split before reaching our video chain and handled in a similar manner to PC.

It's not an impossiblity, just that proper (realiable) digital hardware with the same feature set is really expensive. We will however do our best to cater to every runner when needed !

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I'm going to be bringing my PAL Megadrive and RGB scart cable for my run, and my game as well of course. I can bring my Sync Strike as well if it's needed.
Just wondering, would the megadrive be ok with just a standard UK > Sweden plug adapter, because I don't have sort of voltage converters.

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It should be just fine with a passive adapter, It might read something like 220~240V 50Hz.


just thought I should mention that despite being listed as PAL/EU region, I play at 60hz, (the game has a PAL50/PAL60 option, and PAL50 handles like ass)

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I will bring a PAL PS2, which is modded to bypass the region lock. Since I'm playing on NTSC-U. I don't have any RGB cable but I got splitters if it works.

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Already talked a bit about this with Planks on twitter but for my own run I'm bringing my PAL Wii. I have it modded and set to NTSC which I'll be playing on. I'm also bringing an all-in-1 cable for my Wii so I have the option of Component, Composite and S-video (I'll also be lending this cable to my fellow Sonic runner Flying Fox for her run)

I am not able to bring my own PC

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I am bringing my laptop, that has a VGA and HDMI port and can play Sonic CD easily. I need this game in 4:3 or I can't do some of the tricks.

I will be bringing in my Wii, the game Black Knight and will be borrowing Cyd's component cable. I tried playing Black Knight on my Wii U because it has a HDMI port, but I found out that I can't do some of the tricks because Sonic keeps double slashing. I can't change the sensor-bar's sensitivity on the Wii U, so yeah that's why I'm choosing the Wii over the Wii U 🙁

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oh I´m a bit late here, but I will bring my PAL GC with only Composite Cables + game of course.
I don´t mind if anyone can provide a better setup with component cables, but it must still be able to read the PAL GC disc and memory card.

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I can bring my RGB NES (true pal + ntsc) + Everdrive and my RGB N64 (PAL) which might be appreciated by some

PAL Gamecube also an option but don't see the demand?


So more stuff I'm bringing: CDi (composite), PAL PS2 (component, rgb), Dreamcast (rgb), Super Famicom (rgb), NTSC NES (composite)

- these will be used mostly for casual stuff / tournaments, but if in need I can help out on the streams.

edit: Oh, and a WiiU!


I'll bring a PAL cube, my game, and composite cables.

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