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I will be bringing a PAL Gamecube with GBP and RGB/SCART.
Will also bring a PAL Wii which will work with the RGB.
Bringing the games too.

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I will bring my laptop with an i7 and a decent video card, it doesn't have vga output, only HDMI

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Mhmd_FVC: If you are fine playing on an old school PC CRT (4:3 ofc). You can leave your monitor home.


I will take my iQue with SF64 installed on it with me. I might have more trouble getting my Dazzle there as well though. But I guess there are possibilities for someone else to share one with me at the marathon?

I will also bring some side games that aren't in the Schedule like Punch-Out Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but I guess I won't have to submit this here.

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Pottoww: Why do you need a Dazzle?


I'll bring my PAL PS2 along with Component cables as well as a controller. If needed I can bring my PS3 controller. BetaM will bring Crash Twinsanity with him.

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Edenal: I thought capture cards were brought from ourselves. I don't know what "Connector" and "HW Region" is. I am really not into hardware at all. I have my setup and cords, I don't know a shit about it haha.


Pottoww it's just console and video cables, capture cards are sorted by the tech team. HW Region is for region locked consoles, so the iQue is CHN


Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining MLSTRM! 🙂


I'll of course bring my pal gamecube and GBP, with an rgb cable.

I have a gamecube SD loader that can be used to run a homebrew app that forces the GBP to output 240p, if that's something the tech guys are interested in. 🙂

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Wii U works with Wii component cables Beatrix, I'm bringing mine so you can use those if there's an issue.

(Also the PS2 component cable I offered is up for public use, I'm not going to need it at all during the event)


I guess I could bring a unmodded PAL Wii, its pretty much original PAL with no homebrew stuff, uses composite (SCART Adapter exists). I dont run anything at ESA, but if its use of anyone, Ill bring it along since its takes like no space anyway.


I have a couple of flashcarts, Mega Everdrive (Genesis/Mega drive), a SD2SNES (SNES/SFC) and a everdrive 64 (N64) that I might be able to lend Runners.
Just contact me (twitter works just fine) if you should need it and we can sort it out.

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Bang: We can do Component on the TVs so long as 480i mode is selected and not 480p


Will it be possible to play SD games (Wii/GCN) on a flatscreen for those of us who are used to using one instead of a CRT, or will it be CRTs only for those consoles?


Yes, sorry if it wasn't clear.

WE will handle all the video stuff and whatnot !

Just bring you game & system and we will really like it if you could bring a RGB cable or better depending on the system.

Capture / etc.. is something we will worry about 🙂

I'll be adding this to the main post.


I'll bring a PAL Gamecube with GBP and RGB cable, including my game.

I'll also bring an Xbox 360 Slim with an HDMI cable for street fighter, but it'll be free to borrow a lot of the time.

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Oasiz, why is my PS2 not on there? xD


I'm planning on bringing:

1x Famicom (RBG) with cables
1x Super Famicom with RBG cable
1x PSP 3000 with component, s-video and composite cables
1x Super Game Boy 2

Rockman & Forte, Babs Big Break, Mega Man Powered Up, Rockman 5 (for Primal), Rockman 3 (in case anyone needs it), PowerPak + card reader


I'm gonna bring my modded 3DS including the cables to connect it to the PC. Also I an bring my DStw which is a flash cart for the DS systems.

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