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Sorry guys, but i don't see any reason not to answer the topic i'd like to answer, plus there are pretty little of fresh threads i'd be interested in


Most of my PS4 games. If I really like the game (like horizon, gow, the witcher) I take all the side quests to have as much as it gives me.

And of course Dota 2!
Spending most of my free time there as I really wish to join the big eSports scene someday. Like, have you seen how much pro players earn? If no -- you should check this out Guys became millionaires at the age of 20 and that's super cool.


I just was too bored at work


Gaming, betting on games, programming, reading books and travelling. I can harden my nipples with willpower

Also I like to pet random dogs


For what? As long as it gives me joy and rest - no


never too old for this


god, is this forum dead or what


Oh Wonder - Landslide


CSGO on pc and currently Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4