Solo Group of 2 Group of 3 Group of 4 Group of 5
Othalo Guardhouse 1m 05s
0m 33s
MishaTheDuckMishaTheDuck and EliessarEliessar
0m 37s
EliessarEliessar, Oi_Vey and UrsaoSinistro

The Boondocks 2m 47s

4m 49s
EliessarEliessar, saphireboltsaphirebolt, Pandora_BR and farusbr
2m 09s
EliessarEliessar, Oi_Vey, Betterthankar, DemonicJester and
Wrath of the Beastmen

The Vault

Ohdar Scar

Temple of the Three

Garai Coliseum

Secluded Valley

Terenul Rosu

Bochaden Tomb

Rumble's Grotto