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Thread: Loadless timer

Started by: Tezur0Tezur0

Cool, but where can we get the timer? It's not under resources.


Forum: Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Thread: Difficulty settings

Started by: stoic_rosestoic_rose

Not a mod, but I don't see why any of what you mentioned would be against the rules. As long as you mark the right platform. Can you come up with any reason why any of that could be against the rules?


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Thread: Yo I want to become a mod!

Started by: MrMuZhiEMrMuZhiE

Not having PM options is a bit odd isn't it?
Why do you want to mod?

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Forum: Total Overdose

Thread: Difficulty

Started by: Tezur0Tezur0

Not much to add, just a general agreement to what Tezur0 already said. My guess to why it's hard is that the first run was done so so everyone needs to follow that. I see no reason for why it would be so though. Since all that hard does, is increase the chance of having to re-set and that's literally all. It's speedrunning, souldn't we be able to run the game in a way it can be done the quckest? If there is some hidden, game breaking reson, then why not add a category?


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Thread: Upcoming language system

Started by: PacPac

Great improvement! I see you already have Lithuanian translations down. I would be glad to help adding Latvian to that as well. I'm a native speaker and my girlfriend (who I could pull into doing this as well) has already done some translation work from English to Latvian for published materials.