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7 years ago
Ohio, USA

can you add categories for the fighting portion of the game?

Pennsylvania, USA

whoops, didn't get an alert for this thread. Yea I'll go ahead and add them, what should they be?

Ontario, Canada

Curious as to why runs are only don'e on Very easy for the most part and not separate for each difficulty with the other variables. Same goes for characters as some will always be faster. I'd rather do runs on multiple characters then becoming stale and just focusing on one.

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Chicago, IL, USA

We were talking at one point having multiple character boards. I don't think I support a Difficulty separation. Maybe ARC and Console separation since you can't alter settings on ARC?

Ontario, Canada

My suggestion would not to separate characters to their own categories but instead not have them obsolete if its not the same character used. Since technically u can only have one placement only your best would count and the others be marked as " - " for rank on the board, but at least they would appear.

Just a thought towards this, but I do think having difficulty and or set settings that make sense per difficulty would be something to consider possibly. kinda would get stale after awhile only doing very easy since you'd be handicapping yourself by not, unless there was proper separation or at least variables to show the used settings.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Ooh I like the idea of different character submissions not obsoleting each other. I will implement that for now. I would love to see other characters being used!

We had multiple difficulty categories but they seemed dead and redundant since the run is mostly the same, with slightly more annoying enemy AI. I'll consider displaying the settings as a variable, I think it might be too much clutter for what would almost always be identical across submissions since most people would run with the optimal settings.

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Ontario, Canada

Yeah the more iv been getting into it I can understand why we play with the settings as they are. But I do think each character should be ranked separately together as it's obvious some characters will differ in optimal time and skill.

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