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Thread: krab

Started by: MinilandMiniland

Deleting this post and informing a site mod to have you banned from the site. Nice try.


Forum: Super Mr. Krabs

Thread: How to accurately retime SMK runs

Started by: eddiecatgamingeddiecatgaming

select your 8-4 framerule (~515 or so, just click 'faster' or 'slower' depending on the time)

next, you want to find a matching bowser fire, this is more important than in standard SMB1. the hammer patterns will more often than not, vary slightly from the "actual" screenshot of the pattern so it is very much recommended you take note of the bowser fire.

lastly, you want to find the hammer pattern. fortunately, the bowser fire aids in narrowing the patterns down a lot easier, so the only thing you will need to do is get a framecount of your run as a rough estimate. typically the majority of hammers are in place as normal, but 1 or 2 are positioned differently due to no hammer bro being stomped in last room. something to note is that the final time ends up being 6 frames faster due to lag frames, so for example instead of 3:40.986 the site will say 3:41.086 on the pattern of the run.

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Thread: **IMPORTANT** Mesen is now banned.

Started by: roopert83roopert83

Copied from the game rules:

Approved hardware/software (please specify in the run comment):
NES Categories
Original NES, Famicom or FDS
Original NES or Famicom with Everdrive or Powerpak
Wii, Wii U, Switch and 3DS Virtual Console, GameBoy Advance
FCEUX, Nestopia, Bizhawk, OpenEMU
Frontends used in conjunction with these emulators that can alter the performance (ex. RetroArch) are not permitted
NES Classic Edition
Analogue NT Mini

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Thread: What happened to 18:58

Started by: Magic_DashMagic_Dash

18:58 kinda hard + GTAce literally already played one


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Flagpole glitch subpixels

Started by: ElohzeeElohzee

d70 inputs but B press was 1 frame late

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Thread: IL RUNS?!

Started by: UnsinkableGamingUnsinkableGaming

original IL submissions went off of IGT, ex. tying WR in 4-1 with 341 would be super free and it wouldn't even be a worthwhile leaderboard. 8-4 IL is most likely the only IL leaderboard there will be, simply bc it's based off of frames in its entirety (and also 8-4 IL is actually an interesting category)

(also framecounting IL runs that arent 8-4 is a pain in the neck, there is a spreadsheet for users to easily time 8-4 IL runs so it's definitely not a hassle by any means, where as videos for other ILs would have to be downloaded and framecounted each time)

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Thread: Requirements for video

Started by: OddPandemoniumOddPandemonium

a video is required for all submissions.

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Thread: Timers

Started by: gabrieluchogabrielucho

@WolfAttacKWolfAttacK he made 3 posts, how is it that bad to you? of course it isn't favorable, but i don't personally see it as an issue, nor can i understand how it is an issue to you.

as for the OP, livesplit is generally what people use. however, if there are issues with it eating too much cpu, feel free to use wsplit, as it is a pretty good backup, and uses far less cpu

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: Death%


not a good category bc everyone would just tie

(unless fast accel is done but doing fast accel in a category extension that isnt 8-4 IL is big dumb)

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

not sure if anyone else gets annoyed by this or if it is just me, but i'm a verifier for smb1/smbce and often get submissions with milliseconds attached. however, due to how the submissions work on the site, if someone only types in 2 digits in the milliseconds column (ex. 5:20.84) the run gets submitted as 5:20.084 instead of 5:20.840, which i find somewhat annoying as i would have to manually clear milliseconds altogether at that time range. i understand that for either game, i would most likely have to alter something in the submission anyway, so this essentially means nothing, but i'd like to know if this is something that needs to be fixed or not.


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Thread: new category idea

Started by: DonkeyMarioDonkeyMario

been requested quite a few times, no plans to readd it back on the leaderboard iirc

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Thread: Theoretic WR Possibility

Started by: RealTPVRealTPV

(edited: )

Kriller got the clip, yes, but he did it as big Mario, meaning it isn't possible with maintaining WR pace into 4-2

edit: i just realized you're talking abt top clip, that's awkward, i forgot that existed
yes it hasn't been done full level
iirc it's possible but kinda hard and by kinda i mean WutFace

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Thread: (Useless) Completely good bars 5-4 strat

Started by: eddiecatgamingeddiecatgaming

i've tested this on like 23057013713058 framerules and they've all worked so i'm p sure it's consistent:

do RoyLGoodBars as normal, but bonk wall going into corridor, this makes all the bars completely good and you don't even have to do the duck jump at the end

beginning of post is labeled (Useless) bc RoyLGoodBars on its own is already a really good strat and doing anything extra is unnecessary so e

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Thread: @Mods I think that the 11x any% category should have times without time in between resets included

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

(edited: )


There is still no data that suggests you run this game. Why do you disagree with every potential change? And why is it that whenever you are called out you completely disregard the reply to you and continue liking and responding to every forum post? Like Roopert said before, you are free to express your own opinions, but you have no runs of this game on the site and it makes zero sense.

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Thread: Query 2

Started by: zsjetu9zsjetu9

i've had it happen before during mwe runs, i think it was just emulator lagging but idk because the fps never dropped according to the fps counter


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: 8-4 Intermediate wall jump ?

Started by: lokiwiderlokiwider

(edited: )

unfortunately 2 frame setup is the only decently consistent way to get walljump. (unless your muscle memory is good enough that you can consistently get 1 frame)

i think lekukie has posted a 3+ frames walljump method? i've never had success with it, but maybe i'm not doing it right

edit: i'm told doing it the way lekukie does is faster due to the backward jump if memory serves

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions

Thread: 2020 goals

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

updates on how goals are going: (hopefully this doesn't count as a necro, if so, oop)

my goals for 2020 are:

- 4:56.1/4:55 smb any% | Incomplete | still haven't even really touched this category in a while, the burnout was unreal last time i played and losing runs in any% is still discouraging to me for some reason
- sub-19:03 smb warpless | Incomplete | i've tried to do serious attempts but have almost always died to 1-4 or 2-1 (idk how don't ask) but i still plan to go for this
- top 10 smas warpless | Complete | i held record for like 18 hours and my first sub-20 was a 19:53 so that's pretty cool i think
- get a decent 8-4 IL | Incomplete | can't do fast accel anymore + i've never been good at double fast accel. hopefully if/when i get everdrive i will want to grind this category out
- take smb2j seriously | Incomplete | i tried doing some runs a few hours ago and some made it kinda far but 80% of the runs died to either 1-2 or 4-4

out of the 4 goals i have still remaining, i really only plan to take 2 of these seriously (warpless and smb2j), which sucks, but kinda my fault for lacking motivation at the beginning of the year

how is everyone else doing on their goals? i hope things have gone well for you all 🙂

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