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Thread: patch differences

Started by: PrudenGamingPrudenGaming

The current patch (1.2.0+) has extra lag when you enter your item bag in battle, as well as longer loads in a few other places. Overall it's slower, though the exact amount slower isn't exactly known yet


Forum: Pokémon RBY Category Extensions

Thread: ALT pokemon Run Squirtle

Started by: GZGZ

I have added the Charmander and Squirtle options for Alt Mains

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Forum: Pokémon Sword/Shield Category Extensions

Thread: New category proposals

Started by: wartabwartab

That sounds more like an Alt Routes kind of run strobics. Alt Mains are meant for runs that exclusively use one pokemon (with the exception of the forced doubles), while Alt Routes are meant more for runs that might do something like Dual Main, like the Candyfloss+Ninetales route


Forum: Pokémon Sword/Shield

Thread: Quick Ball Issue

Started by: SuperNubbySuperNubby

Make sure you set your clock to 11:45pm before booting the game. The idea is that it takes ~25-30min to reach the wild area, so you want to start the game on Day 1 and have it roll over to Day 2 before you do the wild area. If it's still Day 1 (sounds like it is based on you getting Heal Balls), then you will not get Quick Balls there

Also it's important that you set the clock BEFORE starting the game. If you set your clock after, then time based events (like the Watt traders changing) won't happen

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Forum: Pokémon Sword/Shield

Thread: Raids?

Started by: SnekletonSnekleton

That is correct. You can do raids without inviting others if you want, but you cannot invite others either locally or over the internet

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Forum: Pokémon RBY Category Extensions

Thread: New Category Extension

Started by: PinkishPrincessPinkishPrincess

I'll go ahead and add categories for the mains that have been run here. Keep in mind though, that if you're using emulator you should be following these rules:

If using emulator, you must do one of the following to prove your run is using the correct emulator:
1. Hard reset the emulator using Ctrl-R or the menu option before the start of or during the first 10 minutes of every individual attempt, and include the footage of that reset in your run submission video
2. Capture the entire emulator including the window border for the submitted video


Forum: Pokémon Sword/Shield

Thread: Categories/games

Started by: StrackelStrackel

There's precedence for an "All Obtainables" category (see Let's Go) which would require catching everything possible without trades (364 in this game at the moment). If you were to do a run and get some interest, a case could be made to make it a category, or at least an extension

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Thread: Pokemon Shield Arcanine Late Drill Route HELP

Started by: BEWhiteDragonBEWhiteDragon

(edited: )

So the idea with that section is you need a Drilbur to spawn on 9/21, since that's when weather is right for it to spawn. Then, after it's spawned, change the date to 9/23 and then encounter it. The reason for this is that Drilbur only spawns in Harsh Sunlight and Sandstorm. In Harsh Sun, your fire moves will do too much damage to him and probably KO him, not to mention the fact that it's only a 10% spawn. In Sandstorm, you will take damage every turn, which is really slow, but it's a 35% spawn so we want that

So basically: Start with 9/21 -> Spawn Drilbur -> Change to 9/23 -> Encounter Drilbur

If you need to encounter a second one (first one died or was overlevelled), change the date back to 9/21

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Forum: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

Thread: Demo Speedruns

Started by: NapucNapuc

As far as I know, no one has done any speedruns of the demo. It wouldn't ever be a main category most likely, but if we get a Category Extensions page someday, you might be able to make a case for it going there

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Forum: Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Thread: What is the significance of February 15th?

Started by: Chef_GamerChef_Gamer

It’s to prevent rain on that route. Not super important so don’t worry if you forget it

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Forum: Pokémon RBY Category Extensions

Thread: Category Idea:

Started by: GZGZ

If you have a run completed, we can create the leaderboard. We don't typically want to create a blank leaderboard

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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Game Boy Interface?

Started by: momomomomomomomo

Either GBI or GBP are fine. I think you'll find most people use GBP because it's just more mainstream, and in most cases, people who have the attachment will have the disk too. There's no stigma or technical reason to choose one over the other though (aside from the hard reset fadeout, which if I remember right gives GBI a slight disadvantage)


Forum: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

Thread: 100%

Started by: Elims

Just a heads up for anyone who may have been waiting, All Obtainable Pokemon has now been added as an official category. Have fun!


Forum: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

Thread: 100%

Started by: Elims

A few of us have done 135 runs already, so it's certainly possible that it becomes a category. For time manip, there would be no real reason to disallow it, but it's worth noting it's not required either. There are 4 moon stone evolutions with only 3 moon stones, but 3 of the 4 moon stone evolutions can be caught in the wild. In addition, time manip for the fossils isn't required because you can just save scum (save in front of the fossil, pick it up. if it's the wrong one, reset and try again) for it


Forum: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

Thread: Could there Be A discord server

Started by: [Deleted user]

There's a general Pokémon speedrunning discord (with a channel for Let's Go) here:

Originally posted by "Keizaron"All new users to the PSR Discord will be restricted to one channel until they are "approved". This helps bypass having to co-ordinate sending invite links over and over. Everybody should have access to a channel named #join-psr; please post the following:

1) Your Twitch handle
2) The games you currently run
3) The games you plan to learn
4) Why Keizaron is a meme among men

Click on this link to apply!

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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Emulate on MAC

Started by: FlashTheorieFlashTheorie

What Quelaagging has said is correct. Just do a hard reset at the beginning of each run and you don't need to worry about the border.


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: can we make a category

Started by: Optimal_VelocityOptimal_Velocity

The current process for getting new categories like this to be a thing is to make a forum leaderboard with a few times on it to show interest. Here's the forum:


Read the Rules post at the top and then feel free to add one there


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Glitchless Red Nido&Trade Strat Idea

Started by: alchemistakealchemistake

Performing an in game trade is completely within the rules of the category. Old runs used to trade Spearow for Farfetch'd for a cut slave. In my eyes, link cable trading is banned under common sense, but would also fall under the "Having a save file present on the cart/emulator when you start the run is not allowed" rule. If you're trading from another cartridge to get a level 100 poke, then you started with a save file already present

Regarding the usefulness of this, I would agree with what most of the people in the thread are saying. Even if the trade existed (I believe you give it male for female), there would be many setbacks. You would have to delay evolving all the way through to Bill (which, fighting only the necessary trainers, would still be like level 23), meaning you have to time loss from starting the evolution 6+ times, not to mention the extra turns because you are not a Nidoking. Then, the in game trade itself would take around a minute (plus the detour if you didn't do Misty before the trade). The traded poke would also have a preset nickname that you can't change, meaning each time its name is displayed it wastes frames. Also, you would get 1.5x experience, yes, but you would also get extra text each time you faint an opponent "Nidoking gained a BOOSTED 300exp.". That extra text would add up for sure. To top it all off, the Nidoking would stop obeying you at level 30 (until you beat Erika/Sabrina) unless you did TID Manipulation to ensure you have the same TID as the traded poke, but that would then negate the extra experience as the game would think it's yours.


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Does anybody know if 151 Pokémon can be done on 3dsvc

Started by: Gabriel.HartmanGabriel.Hartman

A little late to the party, but if you were to make a route for 151 that did not include money manipulation, you could make a case to the moderator team to allow it. As it stands now though, the only route in use (the one in the Guides section) uses money manipulation, so it is not allowed


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Super Gameboy 2

Started by: pldpld

My understanding is that SGB2 is allowed, so feel free to use it. I'm pretty sure there's already a run on the leaderboards with someone using it