Any% in 34m 00s by GrimShinsGrimShins (Obsolete)

Retimed in avidemux. Literally frames away from that 33:xx, probably on account of getting chased by the lag-monster in Atlantis, but I'll take 34 flat. Still time to be saved but a very clean run nonetheless!

Played on Sega Genesis [USA] on

Submitted by GrimShinsGrimShins on

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Name Duration Finished at
Home Bay 1m 00s 000ms 1m 00s
Crystal Springs 0m 06s 000ms 1m 06s
Fault Zone 0m 23s 000ms 1m 29s
Two Tides 1m 20s 000ms 2m 50s
Trellia's Bay 0m 22s 000ms 3m 13s
Skyway 0m 20s 000ms 3m 33s
Sky Tides 0m 49s 000ms 4m 22s
Tube of Medusa 0m 13s 000ms 4m 35s
Skylands 0m 35s 000ms 5m 11s
Fin to Feather 1m 08s 000ms 6m 20s
Eagle's Bay 0m 34s 000ms 6m 54s
Asterite's Cave 1m 15s 000ms 8m 10s
The Lost Orcas 1m 50s 000ms 10m 01s
Four Islands 1m 17s 000ms 11m 18s
Sea of Darkness 0m 48s 000ms 12m 06s
Vents of Medusa 0m 32s 000ms 12m 39s
Gateway 1m 03s 000ms 13m 43s
Sea of Green 0m 46s 000ms 14m 29s
Moray Abyss 1m 16s 000ms 15m 46s
Sea of Birds 1m 01s 000ms 16m 47s
The Eye 0m 44s 000ms 17m 32s
Big Water 0m 19s 000ms 17m 52s
Deep Ridge 1m 42s 000ms 19m 34s
The Hungry Ones 0m 17s 000ms 19m 52s
Secret Cave 0m 51s 000ms 20m 44s
Lunar Bay 0m 57s 000ms 21m 41s
Vortex Future 1m 27s 000ms 23m 09s
Black Clouds 0m 43s 000ms 23m 53s
Gravitorbox 0m 34s 000ms 24m 27s
Globe Holder 0m 55s 000ms 25m 22s
Convergence 0m 32s 000ms 25m 55s
Dark Sea 1m 51s 000ms 27m 47s
Vortex Queen 0m 25s 000ms 28m 13s
Credits 1m 50s 000ms 30m 03s
Home Bay II 1m 09s 000ms 31m 12s
Epilogue 0m 08s 000ms 31m 20s
Atlantis 1m 22s 000ms 32m 42s
Fish City 0m 17s 000ms 32m 59s
City of Forever 1m 01s 000ms 34m 01s
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