Rules? Earth Born categories?
2 years ago

Hey. First things first, i'm glad that there's a dedicated speedrun page of this game as i heavily enjoy the game casually. Secondly, as much as i want to speedrun the main category, i'm currently didn't have that much free time (maybe i might do a run next week who knows) & it's pretty clear that this game will have a longer run duration due to it's "narrative driven" approach till we found some skip that bypass that (i wish..).

Until then, here's a couple of question that i want to ask before doing a run (while also avoiding future mishaps):

  1. While the rules does state about the timing and such, what about the "settings" policies of this game? there's an option where you can make the in-game conversation faster and by ticking that, a few seconds (maybe minutes even) due to faster textboxes.
  2. What's the policies around autosaving? Technically the game will autosave on it's own & we can "abuse" that for later purposes (like collecting Pixball for 100% who knows)
  3. This ones more of a "ask" than a question, but can we have an Earth Born categories as well (as more of an alternative categories for the game)? :3 i already have a few categories suggestion regarding that game but then again, it's your decision to accept that.

Other than that, feel free to answer this question, and I'll definitely will look into it (and the speedrun of it as well of course :3).

Glad you are interested in the game! There are a couple of decent skips. check out the guides section for some videos, all in all the save somewhere between 1 hour 15 and 1 hour 30 mins depending on execution.

A lot of these things are still up in the air as relatively few runs have been done to define what the rules should be. So for the moment it is a bit of a wild west. That said I will do my best to answer your points.

  1. Use whatever settings you want, my run uses the fastest text speed available. It's early days as well, but it seems like there may be a difference between languages, whether there is or not is not completely clear at this point, but for now any language is allowed. We can make the rules more specific later if issues crop up. I will change the rules to specifically state that you may use whatever ingame settings you prefer.

  2. Similar to the language point above, save and load is allowed for now. If people start doing 100% runs and it turns out to be a problem then we can evaluate it as a community and see if we want to disallow it, or split into 2 subcategories, or some other solution.

  3. I have had people ask on the discord about Earthborn categories, and shortly the answer is yes. I personally haven't played Earthborn at all, and given that it is really a game within the game I would be looking to someone with more experience to moderate those runs and handle discussion around rules and such. As of now I am not aware of any earthborn runs that exist, if you know of any feel free to post them here, if not feel free to do a run with your own rules and set the initial parameters for what an Earthborn run would be.

A 4th point would be the potential for a 100% category, which I would also be open to, but it would be up to us as a community to determine what 100% actually means. I would personally lean towards all upgrades, all recipes, all ingredients and all pixballs, but that is just my opinion, and it would be up to us as a community to decide what 100% means for this game. The game does have an ingame achievement tracker, but as far as I know there is no way to wipe it, and it passes over across files, so that wouldn't really work as a tracker. Discussions are open as to what the rules should be when someone decides that they actually want to do a run of it.

I guess to summarise I would say that it is pointless to define rules in a category that no one wants to run. It is better instead to wait for a run of a category and structure the rules around that. There is always the option of disallowing something later if it ends up being problematic (if there is a consensus from the community that it is such), or simply subdividing the category into with or without x feature.

I hope that answers your questions, if you don't feel that it does then feel free to ask for further clarification.

edit: just to add this thought after my initial reply. The reason all upgrades is present is because it is a fairly self defining category which can serve as a more completionist category than any%. My thinking for this was similar to the reasoning for all dungeons in many Zelda runs, or all masks in Majora's mask. The name of the category makes the requirements obvious. 100% would serve as the true completionist category, but what exactly constitutes 100% in this game is up for debate, which the community as a whole can have when interest in 100% is present. For example, some people may consider completing Earthborn as a requirement for 100%, whereas some may say that just collecting all Pixballs without interacting with Earthborn at all is enough to constitute collecting everything. If we do decide that earthborn is required for 100% do you also need to collect all of the items in Earthborn? There are many questions like this. Perhaps a good starting point would be all collectibles. Specifically: all gear parts, all upgrades, all heart orbs, all Pixballs, all ingredients and all recipes. Then we could consider from there whether or not we want a "true 100%" category which would also include things like earthbound completion and other factors.

These are all just my thoughts, perhaps I will make a thread here discussing the different possible categories, just to start up a discussion around the possibilities.

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