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Was wondering what people thought about either adding Mother 2 sub-categories to EarthBound, or adding Mother 2 as a separate game altogether. As someone who recently started running Mother 2 as a North American, it would be cool to have a place to post runs that isnt

Let me know what you all think.

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I'm honestly fine either way. Considering us non-Japanese runners have only really tried Glitchless Mother 2, it probably wouldn't hurt to just put it under Earthbound as the category of "Any% Glitchless (JP)" or something along those lines.


Yeah that's what was originally brought up that prompted me to bring up the idea. After digging into the JP runs, turns out they have some pretty sweet categories, including a Rocketless category which I didn't know about. But yeah maybe we just have an Any% Glitchless JP tab on the main EarthBound page.


That sounds good. If more of us decide to run M2 it'd be cool to have a leaderboard more accessible to us. Same with the rocketless category, I'd be interested in trying that at some point 0: