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We recently made some changes to the Earthbound categories and made an announcement on the Earthbound Discord. Copying the announcment here for posterity:

@everyone , we have made the following changes to the Earthbound leaderboards

1) Sword of Kings has been removed as a category. Following a lack of activity and deeming it not different enough from other categories to merit standing on its own, we have decided to remove it.

2) A new filter has been added to the Any% Glitchless category, "Manipulated". Any run that has any manipulation in it whatsoever has been marked as "Yes". All other runs are "No". The end result is the following: The main page of the leaderboard remains unchanged. Your placements are identical. Now, though, every runner can have a "manipulated" run and a "non manipulated" run. The faster time will always be shown in the leaderboard, but if you filter by type, you'll be able to see each of your runs. I tried my best to flag all existing runs the best I could but if you find any mistakes, please let me know. You may remember that when we added Boogey%, we accepted SRL times initially. We will not be accepting SRL times as proof for this filtered category. All runs will continue to require videos. If you have highlights of Race PB's or some unmanipulated run done in the past, feel free to submit it as your "unmanipulated" time on the board.

The goal for these changes is to strengthen Earthbound as a speedrun in the long term. We want the community to continue to thrive as it does now. This is a "beta" change for the time being. If you have any feedback on these changes, we would love to hear them in order to evaluate if this will be, as we hope, a positive change for the leaderboards going forward.

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