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You could add a category and add this time

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Although I have been interested in this being a category in the past, a lot of the serious runners/leaderboard moderators see it as a non serious category, maybe this could be a misc. one though, and the current any% could be "Any% No Debug Menu", at the least, I propose to change the current any% name even if the one above doesn't get added, because it always bugs me having the current one being called any%, when there is a faster way to complete the game.

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We have No OOB% and Photo% so actually I think this should be added as a category.

It's still a speedrun, albeit not a very popular category.

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This category is brutally difficult and is crazy dependent on RNG. I managed to finally pull up the debug menu a single time one stream after two hours of pressing L on the out of bounds area. Mind you that wasn't two hours of failed attempts or bad inputs. It was two hours of checking the out of bounds area until I finally got the game to randomly give me the right text. You then have to do a set of intricate inputs either 15 or 17 frames apart from each other. Any more or any less and you missed your chance. The fact that nemi got this as quickly as he did is absolutely incredible and it's an amazing run. If you extrapolate my attempts and say that the right text is given every two hours of randomly checking, Nemi got what is essentially a 1/120 roll by getting the right text in the first minute of checking. In reality, it's probably more rare than that. I've watched others struggle for hours in the Threed tent attempting to bring up the debug menu there only to walk away with nothing.

It's a fascinating run indeed, but I'm hesitant to add it without further discussion about it. In the past we have always timed until the final prayer on Giygas. This run doesn't kill Giygas. So is it true any%? It depends on what the true goal for the game is. If you determine that the goal for the game is to see Pokey say "Spankety spankety" and get the The End text, then sure, this is true Any%. If your definition for completing the game is defeating the final boss of the game, then this run didn't satisfy that condition, whereas the currently listed any% runs satisfy the Giygas condition.

Additionally, because all timings in the past have defeated Giygas, this run ends timing at a different point. Is that ok?

Note that I'm not opposed to adding this category to the leaderboards. What I am opposed to is adding them blindly without discussion amongst the community for these points and possibly others that are brought up.

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The japanese end their time when Pokey says "Spankety, spankety, spankety" I thought, and while we don't really go by that since we time when Paula completes her last prayer, I think on a category-to-category basis it's okay to change what "time" would be. In the case of Debug Any%, it's when Picky busts in.

I don't want it to be called "Any%" though, even though most other games would categorize it as "Any%" It's a very niche run that is, as Andy stated, impractical and heavily RNG based and basically I think, barring some consistent tech found for it, nemi is the only person who could have conceivably done this run. In addition, if some people try to run it in the future, I don't think anybody would be able to beat nemi's time either. In short: Nemi is a monster.

I definitely think it should be added as a category, even if it's just Debug% and nemi stands alone as the victor. In addition, I think a reason people don't run it is mostly that it isn't widely publicized. It's still very unlikely that someone will pick it up and do serious attempts for it, but if nobody knows about it then that /for sure/ would be the case.

TL;DR: Don't call it Any% and keep current Any% as is, but give it a category on speedrun and add it in because nemi deserves the recognition imo

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I'm fine with this being added as "Any% Debug Menu". Many games have categories like this (ALttP's 1 minute run, Lufia 2's wacky debug menu run, SoM Credit's Warp). This run has been known about for a long time and has had runs in the past. It actually takes a good amount of luck and execution to pull this off. I don't see an issue of adding this in with the other niche categories we have. I don't see this becoming a competitive thing, but it is a well known run and a way to complete the game with Japanese Timing.