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It's referenced that in order to get the Debug Menu you have to push button on 2 controllers, the thing is I can't find anything about this on the internet. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Edit: After a lot of digging, I found this:

"Two specific steps need to be taken to access the debug menu in Onett. First, the glitch should lead to an empty dialog box. This empty box is usually preceded by garbage text that contains the string "HOHO." Whether the empty box appears or not is apparently random. However, it seems a button on the second player controller needs to be held while the glitch spot is checked in order to have any chance of success. Holding Y or R have been confirmed to work.

Once the empty box appears, there is a guaranteed method for opening the debug menu. Press or release any button on the second player controller. Exactly 11 or 13 frames later, dismiss the empty box while pressing Down-Right-A-B-Y on the first player controller."

So, can someone elaborate?


So with 2 controllers, p1 you need to hold down + right + Y
p2 you need to press and release Y and then 11 to 13 frames later press A + B at the exact same time on p1
Result: p1 Down + Right + Y + A + B all at the same time.

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Thanks dude, appropriate it.