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Hi folks! I'm Tyler, and I'm determined to join the Earthbound speedrunning community.

I'll try to keep this short and essential because I can't imagine a runner's introduction is the most riveting part of your day.

Like many of you I'm sure, Earthbound has been a favorite game of mine and had a major impact on me as a kid.

I was inspired by Ultimoice's 2017 GDQ run, accompanied by Falexxx1 & Skateman222. I didn't watch it live - I watch speedruns on Youtube while I do other things. Alongside excellent commentary and skill, I loved how the three encouraged people to come forward and join the community.

Well ... I'm one of those people coming forward and joining the community!

I have zero experience speedrunning, streaming, and pretty much anything else you would qualify as infrastructure ... except for sheer passion, which I know most of you build your speedrunning 'careers' upon.

So! I'm interested digging in and getting to know the community. If you have social or speedrunning resources you point me to (sans the ones in this forum - I have enough sense to review that much), I'd love to hear it.

I'm 32, I live in WI (grew up in MN), I like to write, read, garden, sing, and play guitar. My education is in technical writing so I make for a very good resource to produce useful, readable guides. I'm pretty good with the written word.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting involved in this community. Thank you again to Ultimoice, Falexxx1, Skateman222 for the inspiration.

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Welcome to the community, we have a discord if you're interested in joining it. If you have any questions about the speedrun feel free to ask.