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After doing a short run that locked last night, I didn't realize how much people liked the big randomizer race we did a while back.

Would people be interested in say....The first weekend of each month doing another randomizer race with lots of folks? I think wacky npc sprites need to be disabled for less hassle.


I'd be game for this. Not randomizing NPC sprites is disappointing, but I guess it's a necessary evil so we aren't forced to load up the save state on a different rom to advance the game. I'm sad I will never be able to buy my multi bottle rockets from a buffalo.


I could see it being possible to randomize a rom, then debug warp to Cultist house, Monkey Cave and....Where? To check spawns. Would just take some more work.


OR if one of you technical computer men know of a way to edit the program to not mess with cultist house or mole cave


ask the author nicely to leave those sprites alone or provide the source code, that's about it

It'd be pretty simple to just load up save states outside the cultist house, monkey cave, etc and check the rom. We might have weird spots where the game will crash due to the weird sprites the randomizer chose, kinda like how deep darkness was last time.

I'm okay with it either way. We can either leave the sprites alone, or accept that we'll probably need to save state often to get around some obstacles.


Electricity issues aside, seemed like that worked out last night. My power turned off again about an hour later so I didn't see the end of the race. But if people want to do this monthly, we should set a time for this. A bit earlier preferred, and maybe Saturday instead of Friday. Thoughts?