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I was just thinking about how cool it would be to having glitchless races on sunday again. also having voice chat for large races is now alot easier than it was before so i think bringing it back could be better than it was before


I second this idea wholeheartedly. I really miss our Sunday races and the community has more people now than its ever had.

Also I noticed the RPGLB channel is looking for content so if we could give them a sizable weekly Earthbound race I think it could really benefit everyone involved.

As for my Sundays, I usually work until about 3pm eastern, so I couldn't start until 4 at the earliest.


Would love to see these come back. Can't guarantee I'll be in all of them even if I planned on streaming that day, but will do them when possible. I plan on doing ALttP weeklies again at some point and that would put me finishing ~4pm CST.


it used to be at 7pm est (6cst) but if possible id like to start sooner. i think 5 or 6(est) would be best personally


5 or 6 est would work great for me. Should we shoot for this Sunday to kinda kick things off?


im ok with that. just need to spear the word


5 EST is a tiny bit too early for me RIGHT NOW, but I need to be pushing my sleep back a few hours, so this'll end up being awesome. As I'm sure it's the same for everyone, I won't be able to make all of them of course, but I'm super pumped about the idea.


we are setting it for 6pm est


Looking forward to weekly races again!

I'm still on the same schedule as before. So basically, I work 2 out of 5 Sundays. If I'm off and at home, I'll totally race... pretty much whenever.