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Thread: Questions about JP's rules

Started by: R-0109R-0109

Hello R-1019!

We have adapted Japanese Ruleset now for the JP Leaderboard.

Timing is "Power On - The End".

For your runs I will be ok to count them from Name Screen but in the future need Power On. (It is not much difference anyways).

I will completley retime in the next days!


Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: Before i start

Started by: ShikatsuraShikatsura

PAL runs slower and is a bit different in terms of glitches.

As long as the game runs properly on the Everdrive and the ROM isnt modified in any way, running on an Everdrive is legal yes.

Cheers enjoy


Forum: Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Thread: Different versions of the game?

Started by: ZockerstuZockerstu

likely a 1.0 vs 1.1 type of thing like for Link to the Past etcetc. Could check back of carts to confirm if you have them


Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: 100% Rules

Started by: FumoFumoMeilingFumoFumoMeiling

I think at this point the conflict thats about to arise is not really that people are not understanding the defenition (imo it is quite clear to everybody) but rather that some people might want to have a general rule change.


Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: 100% Rules

Started by: FumoFumoMeilingFumoFumoMeiling

Hello someDDRnoob, thank you for your post!

The original rule when Item duping was discovered that we came by for a 100% run of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is to COLLECT all Items that are not consumables. This means you have to open all Unique Chests during your speedrun! This rule was INSISTED upon by FFGamer86 as I was experimenting with duping Items into my Inventory and had obtained a sub 2:30 time for the category by using those glitches.

If there needs to be a change/the community wants a change that is not only up to me but also everybody who runs the category! So if you guys want a vote or want to maintain the rules needs to be a discussion with everybody involved!

Please let me know in the OFFICIAL Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Discord what your guys opinion and arguements are either way and we can come to a conclusion to this topic!

Thank you very much,

Speedrun DOT com FFMQ Leaderboard Administrator

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Forum: Final Fantasy VI

Thread: Is the Steam release runnable?

Started by: Loa_WolfeLoa_Wolfe

(edited: )

i can make a board just for you if you want it. It is an official release, something very different but defenitley not Misc, would have a main board

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Forum: Final Fantasy Tactics

Thread: Claude Run Cheat?

Started by: Kyle7evenKyle7even

yeah this is legal and part of the run


Forum: Grandia

Thread: What magic should I give Sue in a speedrn?


personally i just have her use burn/burnflame in encounters to give fire levels to rapp later, but you have more options than that (very old route gave her water/earth to give to feena later etc.)


Forum: Final Fantasy Tactics

Thread: Final Fanatsy Tactics Discord

Started by: eLmaGuseLmaGus

Hello friends, if you are interested we have a Discord you can join over here: . Cheers all


Forum: Chrono Trigger

Thread: chrono trigger glitchless category?

Started by: SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon

Hey link, fancy meeting you here. The current Glitchless runners are very limited, the main reason there is nothing regarding glitchless here is that nobody really ran it competetively. Also there is 2 versions to it basically.

If you are looking for your everyday Glitchless run im sure you saw Puwexil + Essentia run "100% Glitchless no RNG Manipulation" in the past couple days, those 2 are the only one that really bothered doing that aswell. If you are interested in those sort of shennanigans you will have to message/ask them for notes/help since I do not think they have public notes. Also the route is very fresh so there is probably lots of improvements to have as is.

If you are just looking for runs without RNG manip, DrunkenDraconian has done a bunch of these (tagged with "no S+Q") and he also does BS1 Active challenge runs of the game which i find really interesting.

Unfortunatley there are no public notes available as far as im aware for any of that but if you ask the people I am sure they will help you out, the only one of them that use regularily is DrunkenDraconian though.

Cheers and Farlem.


Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: Triggers for entering the Captain Mac boat?

Started by: JulfordJulford

You have to talk to kaeli which is exactly the problem with skipping pazuzu. you need to lose kaeli from the party for her to be there so you can talk to her. you dont even need the cap at all really, all the triggers are activated by talking to her.


Forum: Final Fantasy

Thread: Series page coherency/theme


I do like the idea of using the logo for the games. however you would have to make sure all are the same size pictures so it looks symetric on the page, otherwise it will just look a bit... distorted (for the lack of a better term).

As far as as a theme goes, i really dont like them on unless they are REALLY well made, it shouldnt jump me in the eye when i open the page like 90% of the themes here do so we would have to make sure it was really good. Not opposed but I really dont think that is a big necessity since people mostly come here for a title and not the series anyways.

Anyways, just hit me up when you need changes to be made to certain games im admin of.