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Sure thing, let me know if you want any other categories.


Yeah i was actually considering doing an all vanilla campaign run myself at some point

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Hey MrJanwar, not sure if the scenario names are different between ps4 and pc, but some of my scenarios have a bit of a different name, and a couple of them i'm not sure if they're just not on there. Can we double check that when you have time by chance?
I'll list what I have on my screen from top of the dlc list.

The Three Kingdoms
Costume Faceoff
Swimsuit Paradise
The Coming Invasion
Rival Warlords
Hundred Years' War
Xiang Yu & Liu Bang
The Little Conqueror
The King of Hanzhong
Familial Conflict
The Fall of Shu
Wind on the Wuzhang
Battle of Fan Castle
Rival Warlords
Battle of Tong Gate
Gongsun Yuan Revolts
The Rise of Cao Cao
Guanqiu Jian Revolts
Battle of Jieting
Disturbance at Hebei
Conqueror of Huabei
The Cao Clan Divided
Yellow Turbans Rise
The Land in Two
Loyal Servants
Yuan Family Divided
Siege against He Jin
Riot in Western Shu

I noticed when I was typing this that Rival Warlords is listed here twice, they're two different scenarios with the same name, (kinda think they would've avoided that, but w/e)


Thanks for the list, I just put up what was on the wiki haha. I've replaced it with your list.


alright, if there's anything different from pc to ps4 or other versions people should post those as well, in case there's version specific campaigns

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