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First, not to be pissy, but why would you have the three main factions and the other 4 or how many others all grouped in as other, they each have their own storyline and each have different maps, i think they should all be set to their own. second, I'm suprised nobody is playing this in jp, there's so many more clips and stuff, or is jp just not on the leaderboard. and lastly how refined are these runs? did you do them a couple times or did you try to grind them down as much as possible?


Also curious how you got setsuna for Zhou Tai, his level 10 in dw4 is Dusk, i thought that was the highest. Everything I find online says Setsuna is level 11 for xtreme legends


Same with the power rune, nowhere do i find this on the list for dw4, it is there for extreme legends though, unless there's that much difference between xbox and ps2, which i doubt



Xtreme Legends is an expansion to DW4, and runners have ran the game using the Xtreme Legends expansion since the first approved run on SDA.

If more people ran this game I'm sure categories would be agreed upon, but that's not the case, so for now it's completely arbitrary.

My runs are pretty standard and with the newfound tech they can definitely be improved, especially the Shu run with Ma Chao. Good luck though.

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