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I would like to try to speedrun this game but there are no canegories atm will there be some so that I can run maybe a co-op one as well my wife and I love this game and think it would be a neat idea


Ditto this feeling, it would be nice at least to provide leaderboards for all the levels in the game available in Free Mode at least. Then maybe add some more categories.

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I am now a mod and you can submit runs I will watch and verify for ya 🙂


It miss some Individual levels (like battle of You Ting or Cheng Du)


There are a lot of characters missing as well. This is actually a really fun game to speed run


I'm currently updating the Category and General list. Please let me know if I miss anything in a few hours.


Ok, every level (and faction) should be listed, as well as every playable general! Do let me know if there's anything else you want changing. Tweeting at me is best.

Oh yeah, you can also mark PSN-version runs as PS3 now.