Important Update Regarding Opening The Leaderboards.
1 year ago
New Zealand

You may be aware that it's already past two weeks of release, yet no runs are being accepted. This is because we've further delayed opening the leaderboards for full game runs until March. This is mainly due to how often the game is getting updated, as well as the formation of the rules taking longer than originally planned.

However, we'll be opening the Nightrunner Trial boards, and will be accepting runs as those rules are fairly straightforward. We've split the categories into each level and platform (PC, current gen consoles, previous gen consoles).

Apologies for the delay of communication.

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Are the prologue runs also delayed or is it just for the full game any% ?

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New Zealand

Right now the prologue is also delayed yes. We'll most likely release them at the same time.

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Alberta, Canada

maybe I could help with getting the rules up? ive been wanting to speedrun this game for a while now, I have an idea for main rules, and they probably arent going to nerf or buff any more of the nightrunner tools, so it should be fine to just finish the rules and get the leaderboard up

New Zealand

The recent update threw the speedrunning community into a spin due to the various nerfs and changes Techland made. We're more or less settled on the rules, but we're still settling on seeing if we can split main game categories based on different patches of the game e.g. before patch 1.2.0

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