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Everyone can share strat here
1.Start in Yong An for Hex Harness by TheMadWasp
2.Start In Meng Huo and get free Yong An Area later
Use Recruit RNG Untill u get 1 Officer u like(Risky)
3.Let them fight for Areas as possible(Very Scary RNG)
4.Get to Ruler Areas and Kill them as possible.


The problem with letting the opposing officers grab free space is often it leads to you having to fight the same force multiple times. However I've often noticed that letting the main three kingdoms fight it out against each other leads to one of them going out and often you can grab much bigger space by killing the larger forces' Ruler.

There's another strat I have in mind but I want to try it in a run first, I'll explain what it is if it works.

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Yeah that why i consider my mix-up strat was too Risky and RNG and Yong An from your strat was so important in the run too. made it feel like we run together for real lol


So that strat that I mentioned before? Could be something to consider, I haven't checked your runs yet so I'm not sure how you're saving 10 minutes but this is what I've been testing.

This works for anything that isn't A Gathering of Heroes as far as I know.

Instead of starting at Yong An with a custom character at max level, try starting out at Luo Yang, playing as Yuan Shao. Develop Luo Yang 3 times so you can get access to Red Hare, produce that type of Saddle for the rest of the game alongside Neutral Start.

Red Hare is the fastest horse in the game, it's a shame that we're pretty much forced to play as Yuan Shao as he's not great compared to a character using a maxed out Rapier, but you could try searching/hiring until you get that custom character, though I don't know how successful it would be.

Btw I've been a little inactive since the only time I can practice is when I'm at my parents' place as I don't own my own PS2 or Xbox360. So I've not been able to run the game in a few months

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yes u r right about yuonshao to redhare but hire edit officer that troll refuse sometime.only way should be farming younshao save data as possible.
no problem about inactive u r one of supermod this is your home and u take care of leaderbroad for me too (Thank you) O^O *This game RNG is insane (It burn my brain)