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Here is my 100% speedrun from a few years ago:
(uploaded there because I don't want to deal with copyright claims from Konami again)

The part of my video for the fake Dr. Pettrovich starts at 23:40 and shows how it should be done. I guess the rules were not clear, so I added a clarification to it. Basically use the menu to cancel the pit immediately after the message (also switch to card 1) and then rescue the prisoner like any other, which will cause the rescued pose with no additional message. Leaving and reentering the room will still trigger the pit and message again, but the prisoner will be gone, which shows that the password was updated.

Now that I have thought about it, I think 100% should remove the requirement to keep the transmitter, and also allow zero quantity mines, remotes, explosives, and rations. It will make running this less annoying. That would make both of us redo our runs, which we want to do anyways. What are your thoughts about that?


The definition for 100% has never been decided. The basic definition is everything that counts in the password:
• All weapons (but not full ammo)
• All equipment
• All 25 prisoners rescued, including fake Dr. Pettrovich (menu to cancel the pit to rescue easily)
• All 10 bosses defeated
• Glitches are allowed

But there are a couple questions now that I look at this again:
1) Should 0 quantity mines, remotes, explosives, and rations be allowed at the end? Those items disappear in the menu when there are none left. I would say yes for the sake of less potential backtracking. All that would matter is that they were collected during the run.
2) Should the transmitter be a required item despite it being a bad item? My original idea was to add an extra challenge and make it different from the other categories, but it is somewhat obnoxious to run, and it removes the use of the silencer. There is also the risk of accidentally removing it when trying to use a ration. Also, the MSX version's 100% does not require it, so perhaps this should do the same. This is the one question that needs some discussion.

I made a run on console a few years ago that I never uploaded using the rules as they are written now because I wanted to have a decision on the definition first. I suppose I should upload it to show the route (and especially to show the Fake Dr. Pettrovich "rescue"), but not submit it until 100% is defined.


Sorry about that, I was busy this last week, and perhaps some of the other mods were too. I verified the run. Congrats!


After recovering the equipment after getting captured, there is an item put in the inventory that is a transmitter that will alert the enemies. It is the item that looks like a red button. Use it as if it were a ration to remove it from the inventory.


I installed openMSX 0.14.0 and tested this. I did not get the alert like that unless I had the bug item at the time.


I'm not familiar with the details of setting up openMSX; my focus is on TASing. If you are able to get on IRC, go to #openMSX on which is the channel for the development of openMSX. They can better answer what is happening with this interesting error. I am using 0.13.0, but I still think the BIOS and other settings are the culprit.


Interesting. It starts the alert during the screen transition out of the elevator just like the building 2 rooftop, which means that the cameras are not involved in the alert. I wonder if that floor operates correctly, being the only one that does the automatic alert. Also, are you able to end the alert on floor 2, or is it being treated as if it were the building 2 rooftop where the alert cannot be stopped?

The SHA1 of my rom is a52021f1b257c7c35d626d5d642134091c45e4f4

But I think I know why this is happening. You need to be using a different BIOS; C-BIOS isn't as accurate in emulating the MSX machine. If you are using the japanese rom, then you should use a Panasonic FS-A1WSX, and a different machine if you use the european rom.


I've never heard of an instant alert there. What emulator are you using? I'm not sure I am allowed to point to roms on the forums, but I can't imagine that you would have found a bad one.


Also, the MSX2 version has some tricks that cannot be done on the other versions, which also affects the route. Take a look at my TAS, and the author's comments. I can also answer any questions about that here.

I created the categories because I intend to run it, using an emulator for now, but planning on getting an actual MSX2 at some point. I began planning a route that is somewhat close to the TAS, but it and my other projects had been interrupted because of family stuff last year. I guess it is time to get back on this.


I was going to comment about the alerts, but I wanted to do some research on that before posting. Here are the guards that will alert with single exclamation points on contact damage or being spotted. They will still do a double exclamation on a noisy weapon. Note that I researched this using the original MSX2 version.

Building 1 Floor 1:
All of the guards on the west side except for the ones by the west elevator. (Including the ones in the trucks)
The guards outside the east elevator.

Building 1 Floor 2:
The guard who feels asleep. šŸ˜ƒ
The entire west side (from outside roller room to outside Machine Gun Kid, including mines room)

Building 1 Floor 3:
The guard in the area south of the gas room. (the MSX2 any% route benefits from having the camera disabled, which stays disabled after shooting the guard to end the alert.)
The guard outside of card 2 which is done easily by taking contact damage, and also disables the cameras.
The guards outside the cardboard box room
The guards outside the silencer room.

Building 1 Basement:
no guards

Building 1 Roof:
The guards outside the suspension bridge (north end of course)

Between Building 1 and 2:
The guards outside building 2

Building 2 Floor 1:
All of the guards including the guards at the end of the deep water channel

Building 2 Floor 2:
The guards outside the west elevator
antidote room
the guards in both sides of the divided room south of Arnold
ammo room of the southwest area

Building 2 Roof:

Building 2 Basement:

Between Building 2 and Building 3:

Building 3 all

Double exclamation alerts can also be useful to save time, especially in cases where it can be canceled by going into an elevator (especially if headed that way) or out of buildings (and also going into the desert, the area before Coward Duck, or the Hind-D boss), or also by beating the silencer boss, Machine Gun Kid, the bulldozer, or Arnold. The other bosses don't have alerts possible when reaching them.

The other options is to kill enough guards to end the alert. The way that works is not completely clear to me yet, but it involves killing a set number guards which depends on location and possibly game progression, plus leaving the area, and maybe something else. I am still researching this.


A couple of potential improvements for the 100% run:

Get the hand gun and an ammo box on floor 3 to avoid having to backtrack for the silencer. It will also allow you to start shooting guards earlier without alerting, which is quicker than avoiding or punching them. This applies even more in building 2. You should ignore the ending game stats for the sake of speed and safety. In alerts, shooting guards means that you don't have to worry about contact or bullet damage, especially in the card 5 and antidote rooms.

In the area in floor 1 with the cameras (before getting captured), is it possible to use the cardboard box to get through the cameras quicker?

It would be faster to get the antenna before doing the roof instead of backtracking afterwards. I tested this for the TAS and before won. As for the prisoner on floor 1, it is probably fastest to do the rescue before going to building 3, but not a huge loss of time if it is done when getting the flashlight.

If you are able to do the pitfall zone without the flashlight, you can rescue Ellen after getting card 6 in the initial trip to the basement. This will avoid the backtrack for the flashlight later, as well backtracking into the basement (does not split floor 2). The only disadvantage is that you would have to get ammo in the southwest room of floor 2. Both routes have pluses and minuses, so you decide what you prefer.

You probably want to get less rockets since you had 9 remaining at the end. (The same will apply to rations, especially when you are able skip the ration after getting card 1)


I added 100% categories with the following rules:
- All weapons (okay if used up)
- All equipment (okay if used up)
- All codecs obtained
- All hostages/prisoners rescued, but not the fake/trap one
- All bosses defeated
- Any rank

Regarding the tank, if you take bullet damage and run into the tank, you can hit the tank with multiple mines very quickly and without waiting for the RNG. I think you have to do that multiple times, but since rank doesn't matter you can use a ration if needed. Also, you can use rations to damage boost on enemies if that makes handling alerts easier, as well as killing guards.


With All Bosses, I agree that they should be explicitly killed in the spirit of the game. Interesting side note: in the MSX2 version, beating the bulldozer causes the tank to be defeated.

With regards to rank, would we need another category for "100% Any Rank" (which would definitely be faster), or should rank not be considered at all for this since Big Boss cannot be done?

Game Time is still considered since it is part of the leaderboards. But do we really need it if Real Time is preferred?


Is this 100% intended to be Big Boss Rank also?


There isn't a formal guide, but I suppose we should make one now that there are people running this (I would love to run this if I can ever get some free time), and it would be a good place to put my research notes together from when I TASed it.

The initial pattern of the wisps in the sword cave can be manipulated if you do the same input from power on and path to the cave since the RNG starts from zero. The level grinding requires practice to get used to the enemy movement and how to avoid being in the front of an enemy when attacking them.


By Virtual Console I mean the HD Collection. Jaguar_King was attempting the Green Beret skip on stream, but was unable to get it real time because the timing is tight, and the setup for each attempt takes a while. It would be easier to test on a Playstation emulator to see if the skip is possible on that version.


I found a way to save four minutes off the Green Beret jungle section by alerting and desyncing the Green Beret:

This may be able to save time for a speedrun of the Virtual Console version, but I am not able to test that version on emulator. Can someone else please test this since it is a bit difficult to test real time? There are two things here: 1) Moving to the next screen must be done at the same time as Green Beret. 2) The punch in the upper left screen(second punch) must be done right before he changes direction in that corner. That is what causes the Green Beret to desync. The first and last punches are done so that Green Beret does not outrun Solid Snake.

I also found a way to save a couple minutes on the egg by using a deathwarp, and also the deathwarp can be used in quite a few places to save multiple minutes.

I have been busy planning the route, but because drops are on a running timer that does not reset, I am unable to make a test TAS that will reflect what the final will look like. So I decided to start the actual TAS and hope everything works out. I just got done with the Black Color fight, which looks cool.

I found some other miscellaneous stuff as well:
I can make a guard float off the screen.
The game gets confused when doing a double KO at the end.
Speaking of getting confused, how about a game crash?
Here is a glitch in the swamp, but is not useful unfortunately.

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Allowing TASes to be linked here (I am okay with mine being linked here), and in a resource section because a leaderboard makes no sense given the nature of being able to improve an input file works because there are a number of categories that will be rejected for various reasons at TASVideos (I have one), and it would be nice to have a place for them, as well as the ones that are accepted.

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I have been planning to buy a Japanese MSX2 and cart (the Ā¤originalĀ¤ version) for a long time, so I have put off practice since I would rather play on console. But now that I finished the TAS and it will probably still be a while until I get the console, I may as well just play on the emulator. Since I used openMSX for the TAS, I will use it for speedrunning since I am now TASing Metal Gear 2. I suppose blueMSX would be okay as well; I assume it would be as accurate, but I don't know much about it.

As for route planning, I imagine it will be as close to the TAS ( ) as possible. Obviously ration usage and item drops will have to be different, and of course the scorpions.

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I am TASing the MSX2 version, and am currently researching the game. I found a way to speed up the end of the Green Beret section (the upper left screen in the second pass where the beret goes up to where Dr. Pettrovich is) by alerting him (not at the very start of the screen or he will go the wrong way) and going to the next screen at the same time as him. He will appear on the next screen still running. This can be done at the start , but he will run the wrong way at the end. For a speedrun, a punch is possibly necessary after the alert to ensure that there is enough time to get to the end of the screen before he does. This is the reason for the punch on the following screen.

I am not sure if this is possible on the VC (unfortunately death warping won't work on VC, jaguar_king checked), and I don't know how much time it will save since the VC runs fast and also taking damage here might interfere with Running Man, and the alert will probably count for those running Big Boss Rank, but it is something worth looking into. Here is a video: (out of date)
I am still researching ways to be able to alert earlier and even a way to get the green beret to desync; both would speed the section up quite a bit.

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