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Hello everyone,

I've compiled a list of stuff I would like to change, especially the categories and rules.

Because of the differences among platforms this game has, it will be split into PC and Consoles (possibly PC, PS3, X360).

General rules

All runs will:
Require a video proof with a timer on screen (LiveSplit, etc)
Be run on Ranked mode
Need to show gear of all characters used during the run at the beginning


At the moment categories are Any% and Any% coop each split into new and existing characters, but not divided by the difficulty. This incentives people running on either easy or medium, which is no challenge for existing character/s.

The categories also do not specify amount of characters players can use.

My suggested categories are:

Any% New Char
Any% Existing Char
Any% Existing Chars

Any% Co-op New Chars
Any% Co-op Existing Chars

All of these would be divided into subcategories by difficulty.
New Char would be limited to Easy, Medium and Hard (I doubt it's possible to finish insane+ with new character/s) and Existing Char would have all possible difficulties.

Any% = Solo, 1 player
Any% Co-op = 2-4 players, either human players or characters controlled using controller/s or emulator.

Difference between Existing Char and Existing Chars is usage of multiple characters during a run (changing them through forge - mainly for insane+ difficulties, as it's probably impossible to finish those with only 1 character).

For singular levels, I would frankly do Nightmare Solo runs only, seeing as there's not really any point in playing them at lower difficulties.

Singular levels would allow usage of multiple characters, controllers and emulators.

I don't want to forcefully change anything without feedback, especially from currently active runners. Please read the entire post and comment on anything you disagree with/would change/would do differently.

If you like my suggestions please like the post.


Well, it has been a week without any sort of reaction, I guess I'll change the stuff as I think is right then, probably sometimes later this week


So, finally got around to doing what I promised.

I finally cleaned up all the categories and rules and resubmitted all the runs that were acceptable. If I made any mistakes in your runs do not hesitate to contact me. If you're missing your run it is probably because some it lacked some necessities (like video).


i like the changes i just read it but i do think the show gear thing is fair but i have not done that and i dont think it should be required because the runs are on ranked


Well if you played the game more, you would know that there are plenty of cheaters on ranked mode. It is sad but it is very true. Without showing the gear players could run with 10k stats...


true and yes i have seen that plus you do have a point i retract my statement


why not make sub-categories for console/pc as oppose to two different games on the site?


We split the consoles from pc runs a while ago because of the huge differences between the platforms. Basically everything is different, gear quality, map differences and DLCs to name a few key things. There is a seperate Dungeon Defenders speedrun page for consoles but since I don't own any consoles and know nothing about playing DD on consoles I don't manage the console one, nobody really does. If you're interested, you are very welcome to do so.


Why not have co-op nightmare ILs? Could be a short fun thing to grind out to accompany the co-op Any% runs


Done, individual levels now have categories for solo and co-op. Rules can be viewed if you click a single map. Co-op rules apply just like the Any% cat - any characters, emulators, controllers allowed.

I added one newly released map to the list, if you want to run a map that's missing contact me. Some maps were left out on purpose (for example Silent night, Temple of love, a lot of challenges) because I feel like majority of the players never play those anyway.

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