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Can we please have a category for speedruns as solo player with multiple new characters?

I think it could be fairly interesting as some characters are almost unplayable by themselves but when combined they are fantastic.

I take by example the squire and the huntress or squire and monk ❤️

I would see for this that the player has to show before the run the characters he will be using, their empty inventory and their level 0.


Why would you even bother completing later levels with other 'new' characters, its arbitrary in that regard. How are new characters that are going to be involved in the later parts of the game help, its just boring at that point. I have yet to see a run of this being performed and I don't know exactly what the rules would be either. It just seems like a category no one would run by the way you're explaining it. I actually have no idea how this can be a thing that anyone could run and enjoy.


I might have explained improperly indeed. There is no point of course to use a low level character at end game. What I see currently when looking at the available runs though are only people running dlc character on easy or people using maxed out characters instead.

What I have in mind is to help out with solo runs with characters like monk on a harder difficulty then easy. I am running the game on hard and insane but the main issue with both the monk and the huntress is that they are really hard to level up early on when playing solo. To fix this I would use 10 mins to level up a squire that will rush them. This would save 40 mins on a 3h 30 run.

Thats a part of it but I dont have much time, I think Ill attempt a run and send you a video if you are interested, that could perhaps help out.


I honestly don't thnik you can level up more characters to the point they become useful. Have to agree with Hydro on this one, I don't thnik it would be a very good category. If you want to run the campaign with more chars, that's why the co-op is there, you actually get a chance to use the characters fully.


Well thats sad. I miss friends for that part... I'll stick to what I do on my side I guess, Have a good one guys and sorry for bothering.