New category?

Whats stopping you from co-op? The >1 Player< part? Actually it is your suggestion that does stop not co-op as it is just called any% (and exactly why CK/Korvis could work together, we had no mention of it being 1 player)

Let me reiterate, ducktales DO NOT have an any% category right now.

Do you want Any% 1 controller - Easy Any% 1 controller - Normal Any% 1 controller - Difficult Any%

If Any% will not allow co-op it should be mentioned in the rules. But by design by creating any% it should allow more or less anything (including future discoveries), it should not be catered to fit a few select tricks.


maybe i could just add an any% 1p2c, with an extra difficulty column. Then specify in the rules that co-op is not allowed. That implies though that any kind of shit you could potentially do with a second controller is allowed (i don't think though there is something else than those wraps). Believe me when i say that, while figuring out a "comfortable" way to try these strats, i even thought about asking my girlfriend to press UP at some point. Of course i would have never done it, but that came into my mind.

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most of these categories already confuse me but I don't even see a co-op one. how is that related?

also the "normal" category is a joke because it is neither fastest nor a 'challenge' category

are we talking 1p2c or swapping every turn? those are not speedruns lol. they slow you down


I've created any% 1p2c as a TEMPORARY solution. I will think about something more definitive in the weekend, becuase it would have to deal with moving hundreds of runs, so we'll find a good way for this.


"Any% is Any%" any% means: beat the game as fast as possible. No matter what. And again, we're not discussing main categories here, i don't really see the point.

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Hi everyone! Really cool discovery! So just to clarify for my own interest: There is now only one Any% category wherein difficulty is no longer an issue?

My only concern is that it might mean people no longer run difficult. Not that that would be a huge problem and in reality people probably still will but it seems that an incentive to challenge oneself more has been eliminated. I might be understanding it incorrectly though.

Anyway awesome job making new discoveries. You guys are awesome!

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Exactly, we merged the "old" any% into one single category (one controller only of course). The same thing we did with ducktales 2 basically. In this case has even more sense, because timewise easy, normal and difficult are identical.

About people running difficult: new players run easy anyway. For top 10/15 players, running easy or difficult doesn't make the difference as long as you're using proper strats. So i guess it won't be a big deal.

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Garadas, that makes perfect sense. I think you guys have made the right decision. Great work guys and thanks for all you do!


How's about a 100% category?


Good ending is under misc categories