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So, you've probably heard of me beating the WR on easy. Well technically that's not true. The whole thing was just a joke to lure out my friend Endy. Well, yes, i got a 7:09.69, but not in the "ordinary way". What does it mean? Thx to the work of huhtikuu (rot_ta) and tarbash i was able to add some new strats to my runs that could potentially save up to 5-6 seconds. Unfortunately, those strats need a second controller. If you press UP on the second controller you can wrap when climbing vines. So you just enter the vine screen, drop down while pressing UP on the second controller, reappear on the top of the screen and complete the climb. This has many applications:

  • Amazon 2nd screen
  • Amazon climb after the secret chest before the boss
  • Himalaya boulder climb
  • Final climb after Dracula Fight (if you do it with the TASbat the timesave is huge). This is the best run i got so far (i'm a little rusty):

The whole disappearing VOD, mysterious tweet, etc..was just meant to be a joke to have fun with you guys. Of course i knew this could have never been a legitimate WR.

And no it wasn't just a thing to lure people into my stream, like i said many times i don't care about getting partner, etc. I just like to play games fast for fun. That's it.

So, what's the point of this? My proposal is creating a totally new category. If we follow other examples (Zelda 1, Chip N Dale 2, Battletoads, TMNT4, etc..) the 1p2c runs would become the new any% and the current any% would become something like any% 1 controller, or something like that. What do you think guys?

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2 Controllers should NEVER be the default/main category. period.

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I'm fine with having Any%(1 Controller) and Any% as long as it has clear rules. The game already has 7 categories, but this one could fit in.


well..they are in Chip n Dale 2 and TMNT 4 for example. Because in those two cases they are significantly faster. In this case, i'm not suggesting to make it the main category (i've never said that, where did you get it from?)., just renaming it to any%, because any% is always the fastest category.

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I agree. It's easy enough just changing the name of the previous any% to a new category name. Just as CC says it's just a definition of rules left at this point so there won't be any weird discussions later about what is allowed or not. Just calling it any% 1/2 controllers is probably simple enough because none of the screen warps are possible with 1 controller.

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2nd controller being anything but 2nd player is equivalent to cheat codes to me. but it's a cool discovery

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I think this is something close to Zelda up+A

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it's incredibly closer to Mega Man 3 (+ second controller does all sorts of stuff) (which was never a category but could be interesting)

edit: I always considered up+A basically a "cheat code" as well

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I see no data on the Internationally accepted but it's a good category still


It is a Misc Category on MM3,

So MM3 goes against the stream here. Considering MM1 wrongwarps (which uses 2c) are any% it seems like MMLB doesnt have a clear rule how to treat the categories. As huhtikuu mentioned its most likely up to the top runners and the community to decide what they wanna do.


I suggest two solutions:

  1. 1p2c becomes any% old any% become any% (no 1p2c) or something like that

  2. 1p2c becomes any% 1p2c any% stays any%

United States

That’s a very cool find! Nice job guys. Sounds cool to me. I don’t think it will be a bother in the misc categories, especially since it brings something new to the table for DT.

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Nice find! Also thinking any% should be split betwen 1 or 2 controler! But that give me 2 questions, ar you thinking doing the same for other categorie? And did you think about the display, like creating a new any% categorie for 2c or adding 1 and 2c option into the current any% categorie?

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CC. there are no runs there.

also I misread the room that it should be the main category. but Gara is right and it should be a re-label but not the main category. My apologies

New Brunswick, Canada can do extra tabs like difficulty and such, so having a 1 controller and 2 controller tab makes sense and then you can call them both any% on the boards and let the community as they use it call it what they want when they talk about it/use splits etc.

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Its a good question, we dont actually have a "any%" category so there is no need to change anything, just add either "Any%" or "Any% 1P2C" (I suggest the latter) and allow 1P2C to use any difficulty for now

Dont think you should add 1P2C for every difficulty, making it 3 new categories or possibly 7 new ones. (Any% Bad Ending 1 Player 2 Controllers Hoip)

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Doesnt matter if there is no runs twogood, its still a category you can submit to.

New Brunswick, Canada

the problem in adding just any% 1P2C is now people are going to try / discover things using 2 controllers, and thus making all current categories a mess which is why I suggest to make a separate tab altogether just about 2 controllers and then there's no debate about what happens in there, like Bloodstained's leaderboards for example:

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yeah, definitely contain 1P2C to one single category right now, if it gets popular and get tons of runs with different difficulties that can be disccused later. But I doubt it since wraps been known for years and no one really picked up on the run until now.

But if you truly do create any% I think it should allow everything. If you open that floodgate, you should just accept that might lead to some crazy stuff. If you want any% to only be the wraps and 1P2C, you need to label it as 1P2C in my opinion.

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for this particular game there is no 2 player mode to begin with. so 1p2c is weird.

the alt should probably be any% (2 Controllers) and freely add (1 Controller) to the main if necessary?

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